Why Visit Nepal in 2021 Once Lockdown is Over?

Why Visit Nepal in 2021 Once Lockdown is Over?

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The Visit Nepal 2021 once lockdown is over, should be celebrated like a travel festival of gargantuan scale. While there has not been official call for the year 2021 but it is a must be destination after the global scare is over. The Visit Nepal 2020 came to an abrupt halt due to unforeseen pandemic of Covid-19 and people are itching to pacify the professional, emotional and mental stress triggered from it. While, full scale flight operations and restrictions might possibly be lifted only subsequent to creation of vaccine but Nepal is definitely the natural nirvana all travelers need to witness for seeing greater things in life.

1.What’s On Offer For Travel in 2021?

In spite of small sized land mass, Nepal has much on offer for a nature lover who wants to be the one with serenity and peace, available only in distant wilderness away from bustling urban cities. Home to a fine gleaming silver line of Himalayas up north to its border with Tibet to lush green backyard of trees and vegetation down south make a mystical natural destination. Pine forest, deciduous forest, sub-tropical forest, sub-alpine forests marshes, wetland and almost all kinds of ecosystem are available in this country.

Waterbodies here is not just the lifeblood of the agriculture but a steady supplier to awesome ponds and lakes. Come delve deep into nature’s best and uncover your roots on the natural trip available to you only in the mystical land of Nepal. Hit the road with your spiritual gear packed on nature trip to Nepal when global restrictions end.

2.Brighten Your Inner Self on Nature Trip to Nepal

Walk the pure snowy white ice wrapping the northern border of Nepal. The snow carpets, the trekking route of the beautiful high peaks like Kanchenjunga, Api, Annapurna, Ama Dablam, Macchapuchhre and the lord of them all Mount Everest. Reach the nature’s pinnacle and height of your spiritual being as you make your way to these nature’s towering marvel. Ascended the popular tent cities to visit how locals have made this distant place home on this nature trip to Nepal. If popular treks are incapable of painting your nature loving side white then, walk the wilderness of hidden longer and unchartered trekking routes braved by very few.

3.Explore The Darkness to Know the Light

The dark rugged and un-scanned natural tunnels are worth a visit to know the value of nature’s light. Get in touch of the natural rays of sun and bask in it once you visit the numerous unheard caves in Nepal. For a nature lover who loves the mix of nature and urbanization can choose to forego visiting distant places and visit caves in Pokhara. The Chamero Gufa (Bat cave) and Mahendra Cave in tourist city close by have been popular with nature lover of every corner of the world. Little in the dark from media are the dark caves close to the capital in Chovar (close to kiripur) and Surya Binayak (lies in Bhaktapur). Explore the shadows and hear the animals of darks on your way to Siddha Gufa in Bandipur. Lastly, the Himalayan cave up in the red hill of dry Mustang desert is the final frontier of every cave lover who wants to explore the deep natural amenities when your Travel in Nepal 2020. 

4.Heighten Your Awareness on Magical Rivers

Nepal trip after lockdown can offer you a calming view of the turbulent waves on either a boat or by its beautiful sandy river beaches. Venture into the beaches below the hills like river side spring resort and Sukute beach famous across the country. If the thrill seeking nature lover in you is not satisfied with main stream destinations for time in nature, then hit the rapids on rafting boat to feel the adventure. The unstable waves arising in the white waters of Nepal are available at rivers like Sun Koshi, Trisuli, Bhote Koshi, Karnali, Seti Gandaki, and more.

5.Feel the Clout Hidden of Fresh Water Lakes

Come and Visit Nepal 2021 once lockdown is over to feel the mysterious clout of mesmerizing lakes of Nepal livening the life of locals, fauna and birds. These pristine water bodies some in the plains and some in places beside the cloud make it an experience completely opposite to the one in white waters of Nepal. Visit the Bis Hazari Taal formed by clusters of thousands of lake close to tiger plains of Chitwan or hit the Paanch Pokhari Lake high above the hills. Blue turquoise lakes beneath the snow covered mountains have been the major relaxation sight for many nature lovers making their nature trip to Nepal. Mingled with religious history the crystalline clear blue lakes like Gokyo, Gosaikunda, Tilicho, Phoksundo and much more is sure to leave a nature lover in an unimaginable dreamland.


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