Travel Wishlist of Ashish

Travel Wishlist of Ashish

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Ashish is a frequent traveler either for business purpose, or for visiting new places. He has found travelling as a new way of learning businesses, cultures, habits of people, history, art and science & technology. Even though this lockdown has created travelling restrictions all over the world, he is very excited to plan for his favorite destinations with nepabooking.com after Covid-19 effect. Here is an interesting summary of our interactions about his recent travel experiences and travel wish list with nepabooking.com after Covid-19..


Which was your last trip before Covid-19?

I had visited Guangzhou, China to attend Canton Trade fair. I found the whole city green though the sky was not that clear during my 15 days stay. The city is decorated with one of the best physical infrastructures with many towers and skyscrapers. Canton tower is the highest tower of the city standing as the 4th highest freestanding structure in the world. Guangzhou is one of the top business hub in China.

How has the Covid-19 affected your travel these days?

I travelled to Sydney on March when the Covid-19 had started to spread slowly but only with least impact. I had my return ticket booked after 2 weeks, but within a week of my visit, the whole world started to suffer. There was sudden lockdown in most of the countries and I am still waiting for the opening of normal flights to get back to Nepal.

What are your favorite destinations from your travel diary?

When I think about a short escape from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is my first choice. I often visit this beautiful hill station to have amazing sunrise view as well as a panoramic view of mighty Himalayas.

But when it comes to some of my recent favorites, Pokhara, Lumbini, Sauraha, Vedetar and Darjeeling are some.

Hangouts at Sauraha with friends are incomparable. You can forget all the weekdays work pressures and live the weekends here to the fullest.


The memories from Alleppey lake of Cochin also has a special place in my travel diary. I also loved the historical architectures and arts of Kolkata.


How are you planning your travel with nepabooking.com after this Covid-19?

I always have a bucket full of travel list. First of all, I will get back to Nepal from Sydney to resume all my works. Also, I have been missing Pokhara badly. So I will plan a short trip to Pokhara and spend some time at Lakeside. Some of the other destinations in my wishlist are Kusma, Illam, Bali and Mauritus. As a tea lover, I have been following Illam since long and I wish I can soon visit Illam tea plantation and have a sip of local Illam tea with local people over there.


What destinations do you suggest the people of Kathmandu to plan after this lockdown?

When we think about the short trip from Kathmandu, some of the destinations like Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Chitalng, Kakani and Trishuli come to our mind within a blink of an eye. I would love to suggest the youths of Kathmandu to also think of visiting the local villages of Kavre, Sindhuli and Dhading. I have always loved to travel the adventurous Sindhuli road feeling the romantic breeze of Sunkoshi.


How is your experience with NepaBooking so far when it comes to planning trip?

I am very glad that nepabooking.com has developed this wonderful booking platform to have a glance about the tourism destinations of Nepal. These days I am going through the NepaBooking site to collect all the relevant information like available packages, itineraries, perfect time to travel a destination and other required information to plan for a trip. Specially, this platform has helped me to compare the prices of the destinations that I want to travel.



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