Top Places to Visit in Eastern Nepal | Hidden Gems of Nepal’s East

Top Places to Visit in Eastern Nepal | Hidden Gems of Nepal’s East

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Top places to visit in Eastern Nepal are home to flabbergasting and awesome locations worthy of a memorable trip. The brethren of Nepal’s tourism and home to the mighty Everest Base Camp, East’s a popular travel destination. Hidden in the path of a river originating from Everest are equally phenomenal. The travel destination of East Nepal is an awesome blend of civilization and nature, just like your morning earl tea blended with sugar and tea leaves. The ecstatic feeling up on offer in the remote to non-remote corners of these stretches is guaranteed to create nostalgic moments to cherish for life. 

Why Go On Eastern Nepal Tour?

Eastern Nepal receives love from nature, the Great Himalayas and torrential monsoon rains, bless every inch of the land with lush green vegetation. The forested rolling green hills, marshes, large expanse of farmed land, and greenery creates a sanctuary for the animals and ode for humans existing in these reaches. The places on the list are an offering of the eastern side which barely lands on the list of most travelers. The trip routes of these jewels of Eastern Nepal receive very few visitors making it a perfectly quaint and calm trip experience for those wishing to avoid crowds of people flocking to the same location. The only people one meets on the trail are the smiling locals who will happily guide you.

Hongu Valley Trek

The last honey hunter series, Netflix show brought the art of honey hunting in Nepal several years after the National Geographic it featured. Things have changed and many have done away from the profession only a few honey hunting pockets exist in Nepal. The honey hunters braving the sharp stone hills for the prized mad honey are the last of the professions and it’s only a few years it will remain in existence. Watch the brave men scour out the glimmering honey made by giant bees on bare feet, bamboo sticks, and traditional rope ladders. Enjoy your time sipping a drink of hot honey drink with mountains like Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Makalu gazing at you. Trek through the Makalu Barun National park Area to reach the home of Kulung people calling it home on your Hongu Valley trek.

Kanchenjunga Trek

The Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is an untapped pristine and rarely visited trail in the Far East of Nepal. Almost a month-long trek to the southern side of the peak, Kanchenjunga Base Camp is the highest point of the tour. One will have to fly across the great Himalayan trail from the capital to reach the starting point of this trek. The scenic view of the Kanchenjunga Trek treads past Kirati, Tamang, and Sherpa Villages full of Tibetan culture. Tread past terraced farm fields on to the bamboo forests and then on to rhododendron laced pine forests on the amazing tour of the Kanchenjunga’s surroundings. Witness the scenes of lush green forests with occasional sightings of endangered Red panda, Snow Leopard, and mischievous Assamese Macaque of the forests on the road to the top travel destination of East Nepal.

Ilam Circuit

Top places to visit in Eastern Nepal cannot be completed without venturing from mountains to the hills of Ilam district. Touted as the Queen of hills, the home of Mongoloid looking people, Ilam today is a melting pot of Nepali culture. The hospitable people of the popular local tourist destination of Ilam, add a flavorful experience to already flavor-rich teas growing in the hills here. The Ilam is a cozy weather hill with awesome high viewpoints. The towering hills here offer an amazing view of the Kanchenjunga massif along with a backdrop of lush green tea estates. Walk past the Himalayan streams to Sandakpur hills for a view of Kanchenjunga and Everest ranges or enjoy a scenic sunrise and set at Shree Antu hills. Add some more adventure with a trip to Mai Pokhari that is beaming to life with fishes, deep inside the wonderful cover of the forest. Get a taste of redhot Akabare chill, tea, and some tasty mashed hill potatoes on Kanyam’s Tea gardens.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The final frontier down south from the Himalayas and hills of the east lies the rarely visited Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The hotspot of the Baraha region and the final point of the congregation of all rivers flowing from the Everest, it is an unmatched Shangri-La for nature lovers. Befitting location, the pure crystalline river makes it one of the top places to visit in Eastern Nepal. The Eastern Nepal tour here is a tantalizing mixture of birds, animals, and lush green forests. Pack a set of binoculars to witness alluvial river beds filled with birds after one is done gazing at the birds in these ridges, choose to search for herds of the wild Arnas (a Buffalo species) drinking from the river banks. Further, the sights of Gharial crocodiles and River dolphins make it a true natural paradise.


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