Tindhare Jharana "Bahubali Jharana" | Evolving Tourist Destination of Nepal

Tindhare Jharana "Bahubali Jharana" | Evolving Tourist Destination of Nepal

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Tindhare Jharana, also known as Bahubali Jharana, located in the Kavre district of Nepal has evolved to be one of the most preferred local tourist destinations. The popularity of the waterfall has increased hugely over the days and hundreds of people have started visiting here every day.

How to Reach Tindhare Jharana?

You can reach Tindhare Jharana from Namobuddha to Dapcha or from Dhulikhel to Pipaltar, Kafaldada. The total distance to reach Tindhare Jharana is approx 45KM from Dhulikhel, Kathmandu. You have to hitch a ride for around 4-5 hours to reach Kafal Dada and go on foot from there for around one hour to reach the waterfall.  The Dapcha road will take you to the Waterfall in around 3 hours of road travel and one hour of walk.

Why is it called Tindhare Jharana?

The reason behind its name Tindhare (3-Stream) Jharana is because of water falling from 3 sides of the Mahabharata mountain range. Some call it Bahubahi Jharana portraying the waterfall scene from South Indian Movie "Babubali".

Entry Permit to The Waterfall

Currently, there is no entry restriction to the Waterfall but with this growth, the place might be a famous tourist destination in the future and as well might introduce permits. International tourists are not expected here at the moment due to COVID but sooner or later Tindhare Jharana is going to be one of the most preferred tourist destination points.


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