Top 8 Things To Do With Family in Nepal

Top 8 Things To Do With Family in Nepal

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A sight of the list of top 8 things to do with the family in Nepal can raise eyebrows as its family-friendly side, isn't widely popular. Nepal has long been a country for adrenalin seekers, trekkers, mountaineers and nature lovers. However, it holds equally great destination for families to make some great memories. Hidden along stomach-churning bends and breath-taking sights lie beautiful locations to enjoy some quality time with your keen. The cottony snow-capped mountains, site over clouds, hilly green forests, fantastic wild animals, cultural monuments and more lay in store for people of all ages in your family to sightsee.

1. Sightseeing and Pottery

The mystical medieval town of Bhaktapur presents a perfect opportunity to introduce your young kids to different kinds of buildings. The traditional Newari homes, wood carvings of traditional windows, and mesmerizing temples will leave your kids awestruck. The walkthrough narrow alleys of Bhaktapur on your Nepal tour will take you through open museums of Nepali culture. Fix your sweet tooth and hungry stomach with flavorsome King Curd and Newari feasts in restaurants here. Take your kids for a pottery session at Potters Square for a fun and wholesome learning experience to brighten their day.

2. A day Besides Macaque

The Rhesus Macaques on hilltop stupa of Swayambhunath are must-see animals for travelling families. The steep stone ladders are a challenge but the sights of the monkeys huddling around and jumping on the trees are worth the pain. On top of the hill is numerous stone idols, large metal Vajra, numerous stone idols and gracious five Buddhas watching over the Kathmandu’s urban landscape. Enjoy the vistas of Kathmandu’s skyline right besides nursing small baby monkeys in their natural settings on your family tour to Nepal.

3. Boating in The Lakes

The quaint hill town of Pokhara holds amazing natural locations, despite its bustling urban lifestyle. The serene boating experience in its pristine lakes offers refreshment to your state of mind while kids get to enjoy their time in nature. Enjoy the vistas of rolling green hills while boating in Begnas Lake or take your family to the vista of Annapurna Mountain range reflection on Phewa Lake. Take your kids to Peace Pagoda top or an adventurous tour of famous natural caves on your Nepal family trip.

4. Soak Some Sun

The higher altitude closer to mountains see very of less warm side of the sun and you will need to rely mostly on jackets. The sun is too harsh in southern flatlands of the country and you may end up folding your jackets. Large open spaces and courtyards of the ancient Kathmandu Durbar Square offer a complete Vitamin D recharge. Enjoy the mild sun over your heads while munching some tasty momo, local tea and more on your tour to this historical location. Sun basking, sight-seeing and the bustling crowd make Hanuman Dhoka experience’s a must on your family tour to Nepal.

5. Overnight Stay By The River

The Nepal family trip is incomplete without a tour down its pristine rivers. The rivers in the dense urban settlements of the valley are a little unpleasant but don’t let the rivers in the capital fool you. Water bodies are crystal clear and sparkling white elsewhere in the country. Enjoy camping in a tent or spend a night in lavish rooms of riverside resorts around the country. The top 8 things to do with family in Nepal is incomplete without a run down the river on a raft. Go on a fun white water rafting with your family for some family adventure.

6. Safari in The Jungle

The Chiwan Safari is an important part of every family tour to Nepal. While, the Elephant back rides are things of the past and not endorsed under growing animal welfare education, safari walks with them are still possible. Alternatively, jungle hikes, and jeep safari are available for sight of the Bengal Tiger and one horned Rhino but Elephant safari is an indulging experience for kids. Take a dive with the Elephants in Narayani River to see them enjoy a bath or help gentle giants clean themselves with a scrub.

7. Zip Line

Ziplines are best tool for busting stress and boosting courage in your kids. Choose to zip line the amazing green hills for on the fabulous Nepal tour. Soar above the clouds, birds, and lush eye soothing trees while being secured with safety equipment’s. If you are willing to stay close by to capital with your family, then zip the hills of Dhulikhel, a three hour long destination north from Kathmandu. However, the zip line experience at Sarangkot hills is the one most recommend. Aerial view of Pokhara valley and a backdrop of Annapurna make it highly interesting.

8. Night Stay in The Hills

The early sunrise is a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to benefits of waking early. Hike the hills of Nagarkot, a quaint hill station close to Bhaktapur for an overnight stay and early sunrise. The beautiful sunrise early in the morning can leave everybody from kids to grandparents awestruck. The bonus to the hilltop hotels is triple bedrooms to accommodate you and your kids all in one room. The last on the list of top 8 things to do with family in Nepal is a trip of view tower and telescope centre at the highest point of Nagarkot.


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