Religious Trip to Kathmandu After Lockdown

Religious Trip to Kathmandu After Lockdown

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Large number of pilgrims make religious trip to Kathmandu and it’s another celebrated side of Kathmandu. It’s not just devotees but the gods seated in their temples to shower their blessings are awaiting for their beloved in current lockdown. Never did anyone think a pandemic would keep gods away from their devotee and devotees away from prospering with boons of the almighty god. As the road to lockdown comes to closure, the city of Kathmandu, touted as city of temples since ancient times is where you must go post lockdown. Here are the best religious trip to Kathmandu you must follow.

Temples For Religious Trip to Kathmandu

Do not feel like taking our words? Well, we challenge the devotee in you to bow you heads to these sanctuary of god abode after lockdown. Long renowned for its stupa for Buddhists and Hindu temples in Kathmandu, it is a trip every devotee should make to appease the god, should she or he considers to be the one with god. Without further explanation, let us help add these magnificent temples to your challenge list.


The history of Pashupatinath dates back centuries but we seriously hope your next pilgrimage to find god does not take long - keep the challenge in mind, alright! The shrine is oldest in the country and most revered among Hindus. The heavenly legends in Pashupati Purana states, that a gwala(cow herder in Sanskrit) dug on a ground in the pasture, where one of his cow would offer the milk to ground, he found a radiant four faced lingam and it is how we got one of the world famous temple in valley. Get the blessings like millions of other Hindus who make it to this temple once in their life time.


The heavenly asana of the lord Vishnu may never be seen but you can definitely visit him sleeping on current religious pilgrimage challenge. On the foothills of popular trekking destination of Shivapuri, lays the mammoth sized idol of the lord Vishnu. The lord reclining on the naga is the best place to escape the city heat and get blessed in Kathmandu. The sanctuary of important hindu deity in this location is considered to be sculpted and venerated by worshipers as far as fifth century. Such exquisite history coupled with blessing of god make it a must for a devotee once in his life.


Snakes from Budhanilkantha may not come accompany you on your way to this temple listed in this lockdown pilgrimage challenge but you will definitely see a new pairs of snakes here. Renovated by the Malla King Pratap, the temple of Gujhyeswori or Guheswori is a unique pagoda style temple resting in chuka (Newari courtyard which is generally square in shape) close to forest alongside famous Pashupatinath. The kalash (traditional holy South Asian water container) goddess inside is worshipped by devotees of both Hinduism and Buddhism as a form of Kali and Vajrayogini respectively. The religious trip to Kathmandu is far from over yet


4.Changunarayan Temple

Hiking to a wonderful viewpoint and showers of wellness from god Vishnu, if these are one your pilgrimage bucket list, then pack your bag for a visit to Changunarayan. The god Vishnu in his Narayan may not be seated on snakes but you will see him riding the garuda. Further, inside the square you will also find him with his consort. Get blessed in the most revered world heritage temple amidst shade of trees on this wisdom full religious pilgrim challenge. If the god is calling upon you then you may reach this world famous temple in Kathmanduat time of Mahasnana jatra. The Mahasnana jatra and miniature sized chariots in action will make it a sight to behold.

5.Swayambhunath Stupa

The residents of Nepal both hindu and Buddhists have been invoking the god Swayambhunatth for blessings, fortune, and prosperity for centuries. Make your way to this world heritage listed Budhhist pilgrimage of Kathmandu as a devotee. The real challenge for a true religious pilgrim stands at the front door of this stupa, the steep hill stone step climb makes it the most challenging pilgrimage site you will come across. If you are scared of the challenge on this site, choose to take the back door of temple alongside monkeys of temple which is a much easier climb, Get lost in the enigma of this amazing stupa for Buddhists revered by Tibetan Buddhists and Newar Buddhists.

6.Boudhanath Stupa

This stupa for Buddhists was once lay on serene fields and jungle but those days are long gone because you were born late. However, the devotee in you should not give up on skipping this Buddhist pilgrimage of Kathmandu because the blessing, serenity and peace still readily available. Countless Tibetan and Newar Buddhist heritages laying across this place will shower you with blessings you were waiting for all your life. Visit the World heritage site to bow your head and spin some manes on religious trip to Kathmandu mentioned in the piece post lockdown.


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