Rejina’s NepaBooking Travel Wishlist

Rejina’s NepaBooking Travel Wishlist

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Ms. Rejina Amatya skimmed off her valuable time online last weekend for Rejina’s NepaBooking Travel Wishlist. We are extremely thankful to Ms. Amatya for making, an invaluable contribution to the people in travelling community by sharing her wishes for our Wish-list Series. A wonder woman living her dream as a Nepali expatriate 7 sea across in Australia, she is an Adrenalin junkie and a thrill seeking adventurer with knack for experiences offered by travelling. An aspiring accountant by education but an amazing traveler by hobby, her travel stories can inspire at least a thousand, if not millions. Let’s check the adventures on her diary of Wish list with Nepabooking.

Where were your itchy feet travelling to before COVID-19 lockdown?

It’s not been long from my last trip, you know how I am? Don’t you. I hitched a highway ride to see some snow in the Australian Alps, a couple of week ago. The COVID lockdown had halted me – more like chained me into shackles inside my own apartment, I was missing my home Nepal and those trips to panoramic view of Nepali mountains. Thus, I jacketed up to soothing wind blowing over the ice North east from city, I am currently living in.

What do you miss back home?

Well, you must understand exact life is not all fun and games – you miss out on a lot things back home. Two important things, I miss heavily are family tours in Nepal and awesome Newari food. It is only a matter of time because I want to travel down the road with Nepabooking for some awesome Kinema (fermented Soyabean) and Tea down in the rolling hills of llam. Eat my heart out at Chitwan and Sauraha’s awesome Tharu Villages. However, the most important renewed on my experience offered by travelling – I believe would be to try the Newari foods again from a fresh perspective. I miss my mom’s cooking at home, the Samayabaji, Kaula set, Chhoyla and all.

You seem to be reminiscing home a lot more than usual, Should we expect a Family trip?

COVID lockdown, home sickness, memoirs of friends, time spent with family and job are the only thing on my routine list. The womanly adventurer in me seeks far more than flight back home, meet and greet with people, a fine eating experience and blah blah. The family tours in Nepal are one of a kind experience and I would love to go visit the dry Himalayan Desert of Mustang and remote village of Lo. May be I’ll take my family on a spree of trip to religious places like Muktinath, Janaki Temple or the ones recommended by Nepabooking.

Do you plan on making an international trip apart from Nepal anytime soon?

When the COVID lockdown settles and life blossoms back to Normal like Rhododendrons blossoming in spring trekking season of Nepal, I will come to Nepal. Haha, I am really not poetic probably because I am shy but what I meant to say is I have no plans of making any international trip until I soak in the panoramic view of Nepali mountains, bustle of the people along countless heritage sites, pristine lakes in the western Nepal and more.

Are your friends wary of all these plans, you’ve made for NepaBooking Nepal tour?

Your guys are pretty smart, I guess I’ll ask my friends to join in on the fun thrilling ride to the very own Rejina’s NepaBooking Travel Wishlist. I am planning on making my down with the rapids on raft probably at Bhote koshi, may be take the bungie at Last resort, zip-line down in Pokhara or Dhulikhel, try canyoning – I see a lot of things to do for enjoying experiences offered by travelling.


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