Pritam's Post Lockdown Travel Wishlist With NepaBooking

Pritam's Post Lockdown Travel Wishlist With NepaBooking

Nepa Booking Nepa Booking - 1 year ago

Pritam is an amazing wonder woman, who is journalist by education and entrepreneur by her spirit. A Nepali expat living in Canada, Pritam is a true definition of travelling woman, who loves to explore nature, culture, art, history and communicate across boundaries through her travel diaries. During this lockdown, we sat with her on conference call to know more about the places she and her fiancé wish to travel after end of the lockdown. Let’s skip the introduction and dive deep into post lockdown travel wishlist with Nepabooking of this distinguished achiever, dreamer, free spirited lady currently busy drafting her future travel plans.

Do you wish to come back to Nepal for travelling after lockdown?

The travel restrictions put up in place has effected globally and travel restriction put in place has largely effected my life too. However, I don’t assume it’s the end of the world - travelling will soon be the norm after lockdown. Expat like me here in Cold Canadian landscape are dying to visit Nepal for refreshing tour.

Where do you plan to visit this time around when travel restrictions are lifted?

I may not be able to come to Nepal right away, given the scenario right now but there are a lot of places I would love to be in Nepal. I would love to take the trek route similar to Tsho Rolpa. It was one of the most amazing trek I made in my life and the memories are as fresh as morning brew of coffee which, I get here in Canada.

Where was your last tour before lockdown?

Travel love is a word of my creation, which you will often come across written in my personal diary. I have been travelling here in Canada for short distances but my last major trip was Bali. The awesome looking statues, beaches, sceneries, rice plantation near the hills. It was a heaven sent trip and I believe, I will find something like it some corner of the world again, possibly my own country with Nepabooking itself. Further, I believe the rice plantation on steep foot hills of Nepal can be similar attractions for tourist. Me and my significant other enjoyed quite an amazing time in the beautiful country of Indonesia.

What other international destinations have you took off to apart from Bali?

Well, I have been to mesmerizing hills and beautiful towns of Scotland. While the buildings are quite different from the ones in Nepal, the hills of Scotland sure set off nostalgic hikes to Shivapuri and the cable car ride to Mankamana. I know you find it difficult to grasp with me comparing all these places - however, the medieval towns, squares and river sides in Scotland are something everyone should experience once in their lifetime and keep in their wishlist.

What do you think how your friends should declutter the stress on their mind?

Is that even a question? They should call you right away and get for a weekend getaway. If the travel restrictions are lifted, I would suggest them to go for a pint of beer either at Thamel or Pokhara. Enjoy some awesome adventure sports like what water rafting at Sukute or take the Bungee at Last Resort. The bold and adventurous people in my friends should conquer Rara or treks to Annapurna and Everest Base camps.

When can we expect to await your arrival here in Nepal?

Well, I would not promise something until the end of year 2020 but post lockdown in the year 2021, my post lockdown travel wishlist with Nepabooking may include places like tiger tops at Sauraha, heritage site at Lumbini, lakes in the Himalayan region, beautiful Himalayan location of mustang, or may be a religious trip to Muktinath. Well, lastly I would love take a visit to the Bardiya National Park, have a heard a lot amazing stories.


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