Top 5 Places to Visit in Chitwan

Top 5 Places to Visit in Chitwan

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Below rolling hills on southern ridges of Nepal lies magnificent destination of mighty Chitwan. The top 5 places to visit in Chitwan are must travel places on your itinerary. Famous for its dense green forests and alluring wildlife, it has long been the place to enjoy the tempting side of nature for most Nepalese. The Jungle safari to dwellings of countless rare animals and migrating birds are treasure troves for bird watchers and researchers. Nature’s magnificence blesses Chitwan with sightings of every kind, allowing dwellers of all walks to enjoy their travel here.


The places to visit in Sauraha may be only a handful but are pleasantly welcoming and wonderful. The Tharu villages and dwellings of Sauraha offer one of a kind experience. The evening in these villages with great bonfire cultural dances can be a source of amazing entertainment and bang on bucks refreshment. The night at these brilliant looking traditional huts also includes delightful organic Tharu cuisines. Freshly caught fishes, crabs, mussels, pigeons, and wild rabbit with sticky Anadhi rice are some sumptuous meals on offer. The spotlight of the Tharu villages of Sauraha is Boar Pakkuwa and Ghongi (escargot

like snails).

Chepang Villages

The Chepang Village trek is a recent addition to the tour scene of Nepal. Before, its commercial advertisement it was a trek braved by very few. The trail to makeshift tribal villages of Chepang is an experience of the lifestyle. The last tribal nomads of the forests, Chepangs are a forest-dwelling people who come into contact with people for exchanging goods with their artisan wood crafted cutleries. Hike through forests and witness the nomadic life of these people inside the dense forests of Chitwan. Frozen along with the lifestyle of Chepangs are awesome views of frozen mountain ranges available from their hilltop villages.

Royal Chitwan National Park

The title of Royal may have been lost with the downfall of the monarchy in Nepal but royalty still exacerbates in these lush forests of Chitwan. The Chitwan National Park is the ode of nature’s inest creation and its radiance can star struck any nature lover. The backdrop of dense grasslands setting the stage for Royal Bengal Tiger’s hunt of countless different antelopes is a scene, one should not miss in Chitwan. The chirping sounds and picturesque glimpse of over 500 birds along with sights of rare One Horned Rhinoceros is a sight not to miss on your trip here.

Bees HazariTaal

The twenty thousand lakes or Bees Hazaritaal is a wetland area in the Chitwan. The best time to visit Chitwan’s oxbow lakes here is not the May to September months but drier months from October till March. Regardless of the season the lakes here are full of water and springing with life. The travellers can find themselves enjoying spectacles of rare storks, pheasants, Siberian ducks, giant water buffalos and more on their visit here. It is the ultimate location to be in your Chitwan Safari tour for sights of the spectacularly rare kingfisher hunts.

Gharial and Elephant breeding centres

These may be human created spots in naturally blessed Chitwan but are definitely amongst the top 5 places to visit in Chitwan. The animals occupy a special place in the culture here in Nepal. People take the utmost care in preventing poaching of animals. The Elephant and Gharial breeding centers in Nepal are part of Nepal’s effort to curb poaching and extinction of these magnificent creatures. Get up close to rearing elephant mother elephants and cute baby elephants in Elephant breeding centre. Likewise, choose to hear melodic sounds of week-old baby gharial crocodiles at Gharial breeding centres. 


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