Travel in 2021 | Places to travel in Nepal

Travel in 2021 | Places to travel in Nepal

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Risk of Covid-19 looms but hopes of potential vaccines have changed the game. Places to travel in Nepal are the perfect destination to pack your bags for a spin after receiving the first dose of vaccine early 2021. The view of snow-peaked mountains, natural spectacles, blooming rhododendrons, crystalline lakes, majestic wild animals and countless opportunities await travelers of the spring season. Travelers that end up receiving their vaccine during spring need not fret as Nepal is a whole year destination, they can enjoy all these amenities in Autumn Season. The list consists of Nepal’s best places to travel in 2021.

Rara National Park

The pristine turquoise blue lake that names the national park Rara is the key attraction of the Rara National Park. The elevation ranging from 2900m to over 4000m is home to the lake, lush green rolling hills, countless majestic local animals, and amazing migratory species that travel here every year. The trek to Rara Lake is a tour to the mystical western front of Nepal, the remotest ridges of Jumla and Mugu District unscathed by urbanization and modern amenities. The remoteness has served as a boon to the location of the Rara National Park and the lake that makes up a large portion the lake.

It is a location barely dared by few and most travelling to the location are domestic tourist. However, the top unexplored places in Nepal, the Rara holds sightings of rare beasts like Red panda, and Himalayan sloth bear in it hills along with rarest fresh water Himalayan trout in its waters. The tent stay in the shores allows travelers to witness three different hues of the lake at three different time of the day along with a great star gaze. The reflection on blue RARA Lake and vista of cloud gliding over Nepal’s most beautiful lake from Murmur Top is another spectacle available on the tour.


The Newari trading outpost to Tibet and other major places like Pokhara , city of paraglyding, Tansen has been in the centre of Nepal’s geography from centuries. Excellently planned towns, pagodas, lush green hills on the back and marvelous classic Nepali lifestyle blooming around the corners here present a déjà vu of Kathmandu. Despite, standing tall as countless opportunities, refreshing tour possibilities and a prospective UNESCO World Heritage Site, it ranks as top unexplored places in Nepal. The travelers on the route to Pokhara from Lumbini or vice versa, can steer a corner from their route on middle of the highway connecting two cities for reaching this historic place.

It is the best place to visit in winter, all thanks to milder climate and amazing vistas of natural amenities alongside the man made marvels of the area. The natural views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges from Baatase Danda viewpoint is an important attraction of the trip. Likewise, a trip to the marvelous hill top Shree Nagar Park with welcoming statues of Monkey god Hanuman and Gautam Buddha can be a refreshing experience. However, the top key attraction of the Palpa district’s Tansen region are the pagoda of Amar Narayan Temple and grand Rana Palace of Rani Mahal.

Kopan Monastery

Some consider Kathmandu as Nepal’s best city while other travelers choose to disagree and enjoy travelling to natural locations of the country. Regardless of opinions, complaints, and praises it receives Kathmandu has been at the forefront of Travellers list. Some entertain themselves in the Durbar Squares and the glorious past of Nepali arts while other seek to differ and travel far away from the bustling crowd of these areas. Travellers seeking peace from urban settlements often find shelter in Kopan Monastery. Kopan Monastery is a hill side sacred Gompa (monastery in Tibetan) where you’ll find monks, meditation course practitioners and day travelers.

Located in the Buddhanilkantha Municipality Kathmandu, the hillside monastery is a perfect location to enjoy peace and spectacular view of Kathmandu’s Urban Skyline. The Buddhists meal, blowing wind, quaint studying opportunity at the library and pilgrimage of the giant statue are jumbled up in the tour of Kopan. The walls, verandas and open roofs of the Kopan’s courtyard offer perfect view of the refreshing green trees. The view, winds, greenery, lively stupas and more often attract people to join the monks for meditation and retreats packages available in the Monastery. Either choose to stay overnight for a refreshing healing session or choose to take a day trip while you explore Nepal in 2021.

Tengbochhe Monastery

The Everest Base Camp Trek is an amalgamation of countless joy, numerous experiences, breath-taking adventure, hardship and unimaginable pleasure. However, ascend to the world’s tallest mountain is also a travel through timeless and pristine untouched Tibetan Buddhist heritages and traditions alive in the place. The Mani dhunga, chortens, Buddhist prayer flags and sparsely spread monastery adds a flavour unique experience unavailable in ascent of the Mountains of Europe or South Americas. Tengbochhe Monastery lying en route of the ascent to mighty Everest is an important destination people should rest their head to. While some visit it for vistas and other visit it for the blessings to Guru Rinpochhes to conquer the Everest but it’s a place one must visit.

High on the Khundu’s ridges, the Monastery sits surrounded by a vast wealth of beauty and amazing scenes of the peaks. Those who explore Nepal in 2021 can enjoy the view of colorful Rhododendrons, pines and azaleas tress that surround the Tengbochhe Monastery. Apart from floral richness it’s surrounded by the courtyard of Monastery offer dazzling close up view of Mount Ama Dablam. The stone sculptures the establishment boasts make up for a picturesque sight perfect for a profile picture on your Facebook Account. Likewise, Panorama of whole Everest range is an added bonus to the great spacious resting halls of the Monastery.

Gokyo Valley

Everest Base camp Trek is a full of wonderful and magical surprises. Unlike other treks in the country, Everest trekking route is a trek of variety and can be ascended through a number of different trails. Gokyo Valley Trek is one of the mind blowing trekking route to conquering EBC trek and reaching the Kalapathaar (highest point in the trekking circuit). The majestic Gokyo Valley Trek which is a few days longer than the popular taking route hosts awe inspiring vistas, glacial lakes, high view point and a thrilling rugged trail very few wish to fare on their Nepal travel.

Gokyo trail may not be the best place to visit in Nepal in winter but during the spring and autumn seasons the trail blooms to life. The ornamental rhododendron tress and pine trees of the trail add refreshing look at these period the year. The Valley of six glacial lakes presents an opportunity to stand in awe of the nature beauty. Six lakes nestled on the high view point with a backdrop of the Nuptse, Tabochhe and Everest on the horizon will take the travelers breathe away. Best view of the lake and Everest range comes to sight from the Gokyo Ri peak which is the highest point of the Gokyo valley.


Bhairawa may be on top of the list of Nepal’s best city but the key attraction of the Western Terai sits 22 kilometers away from it. Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha welcomes everyone quaintly to its historical, religious and marvelous locations. Lumbini is a destination must travel in 2021 to enjoy peace, beauty and lay off anxiety from ones shoulders. Discovered years after laying in ruins, the place was rebuilt from ground up with Buddhist community efforts and stands as a World Heritage site of gigantic proportion. Expect some fabulous tales and history behind every pillar stone, ruins and stones of the mesmerizing Buddhist heritage complex.

The key takeaways on one of the top places to travel in Nepal lay countless heritages. The important historical amenities here are the Ashoka Stambha or Ashoka Pillar which helped discovery of the location. Up close to the mighty King Ashoka’s inscription stands the Mayadevi temple, the place where Buddha’s mother Maya Devi gave birth to him. The scared garden and Pushkarini pond right beside the temple are other historical monuments of great importance. Apart from the main temple countless spectacles like Bodhi tree, world peace pagoda, Royal Thai monastery, Dharma Swami Monastery, Cambodian Monastery, Sri Lankan Monastery, China Temple, Dae Sung Shakya and countless other Buddhist location exist for pilgrims and travelers to visit.


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