Top 5 Places For a Bachelor Party in Nepal

Top 5 Places For a Bachelor Party in Nepal

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The place on the current list of top 5 places for a bachelor party in Nepal is a list of places to visit for all the guys before the big day. Things do not remain the same once a person ties the knot and settles down with a family. Furthermore, the fun days of single life and jolly evenings with friends may all be a chapter of your life’s book the day one takes those vow. The Bachelor party is the last moments of an individual’s single life and the best means to relieve the stress of marriage, future, and the wedding day with friends.

1. Thamel

Thamel is probably the best place for a bachelor party in Kathmandu, all thanks to the bustling nightlife and amenities present here. Whether you want to spend a night with guys chilling on a rooftop swimming pool with a beer or dancing your heart out in the popular disco the whole night, Thamel has it all. The glimmering nights with countless pubs and bars to knock you and your friend’s sock off, the bartenders here are ready to serve any cocktail you desire. Eat out in a fine dining restaurant to your heart’s contempt or do it the guy’s way with a midnight street food extravaganza.

2. Jhamel

Jhamel is another top place for a bachelor party for those wishing to enjoy their single days. The scenes on the street of Jhamel may be laid-back and silent but it is an equally amazing location to spend time with your mate. The cozy streets of Jhamel spring into life at night with countless late-night concerts from local artists to famous national crushes. Sip down some cold beer malt, enjoy some great music and flavorsome food to lose your senses inside corridors of fine restaurants. Choose to stay overnight in Hotel Greenwich Village for a private bachelor party by the pool.

3. Durbar Marga

If you don’t care about expenditure and wish to go all out on cash on your bachelor party day, then Durbar Marga is the best place for a bachelor party in Nepal only for you. Choose to dine in the best place and enjoy the luxuries of Maharaja at Annapurna Hotel or Yak and Yeti famed across the globe. Spend time with your people by the pool or a private Jacuzzis in these hotels. Lose the weight on your shoulders with a night of music or dance at a popular location like Déjà vu, King’s lounge, and more for some added kick to your bachelor party.

4. Pokhara

The Pokhara is the gateway to the mountain ranges of Western Nepal and it’s often been the resting point before heading for the hike. However, it’s also the only place in Western Nepal with some adventurous nightlife. Spend the day enjoying the sights of nature and prepare for a wild night on your final day. The inns, resorts, and hotels here offer late-night music performance to spring up your team’s mood. Pokhara is a top place for a bachelor party in Nepal because bars, pubs, clubs, and campfire services are all available till the dark of the night.

5. Dharan

Dharan is one of the finest place to enjoy a bachelor party in Eastern Nepal. The trip to the city of Dharan can be a once in a lifetime journey – thanks to all the awesome natural settings that make it travel-ready for a bachelor party. The beer and barbeque at Bagarkot are perfect getaway and chill time killing opportunity for traveling bachelors. You and your friends can also travel to Bhedetar hill station to enjoy awesome Tongba (alcoholic beverage) with a splendid view of the city. Lastly, the DJ session and live music programs are a must for completing your bachelor party in Dharan. 


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