Nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal

Nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal

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What to do as it gets dark in Kathmandu? It isn’t even a question because nightlife in Kathmandu is touted as best in South Asia. The hippy era and the party environment of those days, may have been story of past but night life now in Nepal offers a distinct vibe unavailable elsewhere. The energetic DJ decks, crowded dance floor, electrifying rock, soothing acoustic, finest drinks, and everything one would expect in the night life city is available in Kathmandu’s night scene. Come get star struck with the glamoury starlit streets full of late night eateries, disco theques, live music session around the streets of tourist town of Thamel.

Activities To Do In The Nightlife of Kathmandu

The question of which activities are must in Kathmandu’s night scene is not easy to answer. The answer to this question, rests laid deep in the interest of the travel junkie themselves and it should come from their own excited heart. We have compiled a list of top 5 activities during nightlife in Kathmandu.

1. Get the Best Blend From finest Bartenders of The Night

Kathmandu once was home to the finest grown weed to get you high and beat the stress off heavy shoulders. One may think, it’s hard to get off stress of them heavy shoulder glory days are gone and you are partly right.Conversely, the glorious nightlife in Kathmandu is still kicking as good as the days of hippy era. Hit the famous drinks only Bar or choose to raise your beers while a live band plays infront of your table on the stage. The adrenaline junky who awakes a dancer in him after a few shots of screwdriver enriched with Himalayan vodka can get his or her shot made at bars with dance floor.

High end drinking spree around three stars hotel to budget drinking spaces sprawling with young guns kissing their chilled malt glasses – one can find it all in dazzling nightlife of Kathmandu. Not everyone is interested in gaining a booze belly while enjoying the night – Kathmandu’s night scene is here to your rescue. There are awesome places in Thamel along with little upscale bars around Durbarmarg and Lazimpat which will pour you a fine glass of mock tail to quench your thirst.

2. Relive Your Teen Spirit in The Rock Bars

One’s question on What to do as it gets dark in Kathmandu? – may have been answered already. If you the one, currently scanning the article are a melophile, then classic grunge title mixed up on the heading should have tingled your guitar loving demon. Heavily inspired by rock and English music scene during the entry of hippies, Nepal still has a fair share of western music lovers who groove in the night. The courtesy of hippies have now blossomed into a huge flower and music culture is a big a part of Kathmandu’s nightlife experience.

Soothing melody of jazz with a fine dining experience to banging rock which one would make one want to bang their heads too, Kathmandu’s nightlife has it all. Almost all eateries in Thamel street offers some sort of music but there are some heavily popular and big gig stations hidden in narrow alleyways in this part of country. Enjoying the soothing music played for couple dances in select eateries at Durbarmarg or Jhamsikhel is another possible activities amidst top 5 activities during night in Kathmandu.

3. Groove to Kathmandu’s Nightlife

Wondering about, Which places to groove in Kathmandu? Kathmandu has got you covered, it’s not just a friendly music space which are open in Kathmandu at night. Splendid places in Thamel, glittering places at Durbarmarg, cosy places in Lazimpat, and laid back spaces in Jhamsikhel; all offer a wonderful dance floor under their night wing. Hit the floor with your partner and be the Batman or may be Bat Woman under the night wing of best discotheques and lavishly decorated dance floors.

Choose to hit the floors of unconventional mix of Dj’s music open for people of all walks of life. If it isn’t the type of mood, your hips start grooving along too, then dance along the soothing romantic music available at an upscale diner with a floor to settle your heart. Well, if you are an party lover of sorts and love to hold up them moves and jump to the music, then hit some of famous clubs or dance joints jam packed with millennial. Furthermore, showcase your moves on dance space when world famous Dj’s hit deck of high end club snuggle din dark alleys for a lively nightlife in Kathmandu.

4. Eat Your Heart Out

Local delicacies prepared freshly on the street are a must hit places in Kathmandu. Join people queuing on the sidewalks for of the juiciest momos with a great local punch on available in restaurants. Eat the extremes like fried lungs, goat or buffalo intestine, chicken gizzard and more on these roadside sparkling gems of Kathmandu’s night scene. Choose to eat other regular but famous mix of Tibetan foods like syaphale, thick noodles, or local style chowmein, nepali style sausages and more.

The nightlife of Kathmandu also offers tranquil, calm and hygienic spaces around its eatery open late in the night for teasing them taste buds. Late night dining carnivals happening around finest hotels are also an option for people who want to experience finest food in tourist town of Thamel.

5. Enjoy The Starry Night From High Hills

The starry night from high hills can prove to be an awesome natural exhibition. Enjoy a mind boggling yet peaceful view of the milky way galaxy top from the hills surrounding Kathmandu. The presence of resorts offering mouth-watering food, a relaxing camp fire under the gaze of moon and billion stars make nightlife of Kathmandu even more interesting. Escape the city heat to enjoy your nights with a barbecue and a peg of drinks with your friends or family from places like Sano Illam tea garden, Nagarkot, Shivapuri or Nuwakot resort in close affinity to Kathmandu.


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