NepaBooking Travel Wishlist with Sabit

NepaBooking Travel Wishlist with Sabit

Nepa Booking Nepa Booking - 5 months ago

On our Wishlist series, Sabit Shrestha provided us with his valuable time for an amazing Nepabooking Travel wishlist with Sabit. A foodie who loves to cook out of hobby, Sabit is a Nepali expat originally from Kathmandu. He is an aspiring geologist with a keen interest in Travelling around nooks and corners of the world. He believes, his subject of interest geology and the study of landscape is the outlying reason for generation of love towards hobby of travelling. We are lucky enough to have an interview of this amazing individual who shares his secret of fitness in this short conversation with Nepabooking.

How have you been doing Sabit and where has the road taken you?

Umm, I have been doing well despite the lockdown and global travel restrictions. Road has not taken me anywhere for time being, in fact I am locked in my apartment in the Canadian Alps taking online classes. I had plan to hit the road to further outreaches of Canada’s Inuit settlement but it has been halted for quite some time amidst the COVID problem.

When Do You Think You’ll Hit the Road Again?

You know the secret to my fitness, don’t you? Did you guys forget our last rafting session down the Trishuli River? I told your team then and I am reiterating it again, I am fit because two soles of my feet take me on walks to best travel destinations quite often. I’ll hit the road when interstate travel within the Canadian borders gets normalized, while lockdown resulted by covid problem is eased, there’s a month or two for it to get normal again.

Could you tell us more about your next trip?

While there isn’t any Himalayan region but there are glacier region in Canada, just like Nepal. The people of this region are nomadic hunter gatherers, kind of like the Sherpa's in our country. the mountain climbing Sherpa may not be hunters but they migrate during summer and winter to graze pasture in the Himalayan region. However, the indigenous Inuit people here do it for hunting ocean seals and other food sources throughout the year. I wish to compare the lifestyle of two cold faring regions via my own travelling eyes.

Don’t You Think It’ll Make You Miss Travelling in Nepal?

Well, I miss Travelling in Nepal and best travel destinations there everyday. In fact I already have plans set out to visit the TshoRolpa, Mount Api, Ruby valley, Annapurna base camp, or may be Everest base camp on my next travel to Nepal.

Wouldn’t Those Be Long Trips and Take More Than a Year?

With Nepabooking team their working for providing and amazing hospitality full trip, I would ask you to choose a few destinations each year. I know, We wouldn’t be able to make the trip to all the beautiful mountain locations that I mentioned in a single year but hey, we can definitely do it over a period of lifetime, don’t you think so?

If We Are Right, Wasn't Your Travelling Eyes on Trip to Sea Shores, Last Time?

Oh, so cheeky of you to notice and spy on me. Yes, my last international trip was Indonesia’s sandy beaches and its shorelines. However, I am the son of hills, trekker of mountains and visitor of plains -which is why I can go fit any terrain. On this interview session for Nepabooking Travel wishlist with Sabit, I would like you to arrange not just best travel destinations to mountain but ponds, heritage sites, river beaches, jungle safaris and other awesome destination laid en across Nepal. Finally, Mustang’s red landscape high among the mountains is going to be my first trip back home.


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