Nagarkot, The Most Beautiful Place to Travel in Nepal

Nagarkot, The Most Beautiful Place to Travel in Nepal

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A sure-fire method to impress visitors fast is to take them to Nagarkot, a mere of 32km from Kathmandu. The road starts climbing from Bhaktapur and just keeps on climbing through verdant forests on the hillsides. There are many who wish to have a retreat here, so magnificent are the views all around and thus making it the most go place near the honking horn, pollution, and dust of Kathmandu valley.

Nagarkot is 30 km NE from Kathmandu valley and commands one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley. It is surrounded by thickly pine trees in high altitude level which gives you an idyllic scene. Nagarkot has outstanding hilltops that offer great views of the Himalayas.

Viewpoint from Nagarkot

The air is invigorating and the landscape is refreshing once you reach Nagarkot, you have assured of a panoramic view of the snow-topped peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal as well the best spot to view Mount Everest. It also offers an excellent view of the indrawati river valley to the east. With an elevation of 2195meteres majestic view of the Valley is described by visitors as a place whose beauty endures year around and this place is chock of the block with attractive resorts, many of them perched on hilltops and with rolling hills behind them.

Weather in Nagarkot

Average temperatures in Nagarkot vary greatly. Considering humidity, temperatures feel very nice much of the year, but hot within the summer and cold within the winter with a coffee chance of precipitation most of the year. If you’re trying to find the very warmest time to go to Nagarkot, the most well liked months are June, July, then August. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is usually early June where highs are regularly around 86.8°F (30.4°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 67.1°F (19.5°C) in the dark

Hiking in Nagarkot

As the second-highest peak in Kathmandu, it leaves a loose trail for hiking in nagarkot and mountain biking along the valley into different fascinating spots. One can traverse short distances on trekking trails and come close to natures' wonder such as the outer of verdant forests, flower-covered meadows, and unusual rock formations. Historic town with various traditional houses can be noticed as well. It is also used as small hiking practicing before trek hills like Everest base camp, Annapurna Trek, Mardi Himal trek.

Sunrise/Sunset view from Nagarkot

"When the sun shines on the window sills and the silver lining rides the hills, I will be saved for one whole day. The sun will rise again and we will try again"- Tyler Joseph

Internationally popular as a breathtakingly beautiful destination and being situated snugly on the hilly lapse of risen sections of Nepal it remains the sunrise view of Himalayas.

Once everything is set into place and the clockwork of Mother Nature begins to commence – the sun starts to ascent the Himalayas, spreading the rays that scatter across the blue skies, hitting the white clouds and enveloping radiance of a new day while bouncing off one mountain after another it is the moment when time truly stops. You face one of the most glorious scenes a living being can capture in its lifetime and the experience will leave you breathless… 

On the further note, Nagarkot was one of the favourites of the then Royal family and some very great individuals who used to visit the place for recreation, and with its natural ecstasy, it has already proven itself with a must-go destination. 


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