9 Most Mysterious Places in Nepal

9 Most Mysterious Places in Nepal

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Top 9 mysterious place in Nepal is a list of destination for the brave of heart seeking - ones seeking adventurous and thrilling tour. The mystery, unexplainable supernatural occurrence and history of gore surrounding these places have made them famous among the locals. If you are those who wish to fathom the history of human sacrifices or understand the reason behind souls in the places mentioned under the list, then pack your bags a Nepal tour package. These weird places on the list have a backstory and aura you would not want to miss.

1. Kankeshwori Temple

The banks of Bishnumati River a few minutes down North West from the World Heritage site of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square lies Kankeshwori Temple. The gold plated chakra overhead on the ceiling of the god’s pedestal and great pagoda style temple rests close to the cremation ground at Kankweshwori. The human sacrifices which used to happen in stone pelleting festival between people of Yambu and Yengal, were performed inside the temple here. The sacrifices are now stories of the past but the scary temple in Kathmandu is highly revered out of respect and fear.

2. Indrayani Temple

Popularly known as Luti: Ajima among the newars, the goddess here is also famous for demanding human sacrifice. Lying 15-20 minute walk east from the Kankeshwori Temple, the goddess Indrayani has seen a fair share of human sacrifices from the same stone pelleting tradition which used to happen during SithiNakha Festival. The human sacrifices are substituted with animal sacrifices but the fierce deity here still commands respect and fear from locals. The scary temple in Kathmandu is one of the beautiful pagoda temple - one can visit on his way to Swayambhunath.

3. Aryaghat at Pashupati

The Pashupatinath Temple is a world Heritage site given its world class pagoda structure and countless temples. However, the revered Hindu temple is also famous among the locals for sounds and sighting of dead spirits. The Aryghat is supernatural siteof Nepal because of the sheer volume of people getting cremated on its banks according to locals. The people that get cremated here are believed to be the cause of unnatural sounds of crying and sighting of spirits.

4. Devaghat at Chitwan

The Devaghat at Chitwan is a holy site and sees flocks of people attending the religious fest or mela which happens every year. The site may be holy, but it also witnesses some unholy things at night. The locals around this supernatural site of Nepal have claimed of seeing women who can light a fire from their bodies dance in the night. The cremation bank has a shady history, in 2009 police found remains of human skull and bones here adding further mystery to the place.

5. KankeshworiDyochhen

The KaneshworiDyochhen near YetkhaBahal in Kathmandu is another site with a story of gore and human sacrifices. List of the mysterious site in Nepal includes the dyochhen or god’s home because the main gate here in never opened. The priest and people responsible for caring the goddess Kanga Ajima believe, the goddess demands a human sacrifice every time the main gate is opened. Thus, people that pray her as a clan deity use the secondary door to enter the holy home every year during festival and pujas.

6. Narayanhiti Royal Palace

Right in the heart of the busy upscale street of Durbar Marg is another haunted place in Nepal. Home to the Royal Shah Kings, Narayan Hiti is currently a museum under care of the government. According to the guards and people here, hear scream and noises of dead people. Most people believe the sounds and cries are the wandering souls of King Birendra and his family who got killed in a massacre inside the palace.

7. Dhapasi Water Tank

Unlike, other sites on the list, this mysterious site in Nepal is not a travel location and barely comes under the radar of any traveller. The Dhapasi water tank is a concrete water tank in the town of Dhapasi, a few kilometres northeast from American Embassy at Maharajgunj. Locals have claimed of witnessing soul of a dead male who was killed and dumped inside the tank by robbers. People claim the soul still wanders around for injustice it faced.

8. Sundarijal Falls

Sundarijal banks is believed to be another haunted place in Nepal. The place is haunted not because of paranormal activity or ghost sightings. The place is believed to be haunted due to mysterious deaths of divers who swim the water of this place. Numerous deaths and disappearances of people visiting the place has swept fear in heart of people around this place. The travelling people, children and picnic groups are often advised not to wander close around waters.

9. Mount Everest Trail

Last on the list of top 9 mysterious places in Nepal is the Mount Everest Trail. The dead zone of the Mount Everest summit route is haunted by a climber who died when trying to summit the mountain. The soul of climber visits the tents of climber trying to reach the top of Mount Everest and motivates them to complete the trail. Andrew Irvine's soul is said to be the one haunting these trails from 1924. Furthermore, countless other souls of dead climbers are sighted wandering in the dead zone.


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