Top 4 Must Visit Tourist Places in Nepal

Top 4 Must Visit Tourist Places in Nepal

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Nepal has been a holy grail for travel enthusiasts and the must visit tourist places in Nepal is here to add up some mesmerizing destination on your travel diary. The serene aura and magnanimity radiating from these tourist places in Nepal hold power to hypnotize travelers and unwary visitors. The glimmering shine of the mountains, marvelous ancient cities, lush lively forests, back drop of hills, unspoiled water sources, wealth of flora and fauna – are some amenities that these places hold. The places on the list hold one or more of these amazing features turning them into, “The places to be in Nepal”.


A bustling night life, happening pubs, coziest bars, numerous places to socialize and awesome urban experience sets it apart from most tourist places in Nepal. The fine silver lining to this bustling welcome location is added by nature’s artisan and intricate caves, beautiful lakes, lush rolling green hills, panoramic mountain view and refreshing zephyr blowing down from the Himalayas. Enjoy some great mouth-watering delicacies located on the sides of Begnas or Phewa Lake while soaking in mesmerizing natural scenery on a backdrop of green hills.

Explore the dark alleys of Bat Cave, Mahendra Cave and Gupteshwor cave for a session of discovering nature’s magic. If your trip happens to be on a sunny day, choose to beat the sun with chilling winds on a paragliding session. Pokhara is a tourism gift box with a package of urban lifestyle nestled in the finest natural location.


Located in the ancient city of Gwala Dey (Dey means country in Newari language) inside Kathmandu, Pashupatinath is the epitome of Pagoda structure and top amongst tourist places in Kathmandu. The intricately carved wood work, brilliantly placed array of gods and goddesses laid across the periphery, thousands of devotee making circles and countless other spectacle available here make it a must visit location.

The sheer magnitude and artisan work in this Hindu temple periphery has earned it the ranks of UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must visit location regardless of the religion. The main temple periphery is only accessible to Hindus but the Shleshmantak forest, Mrigasthali laced with deer's, cremation grounds and countless other miniature temples offer a fabulous experience. Dive deep into the roots of life by witnessing Hindu cremation and the glorious Sandhya Aarati that happens in the river banks of Bagmati right beside the temple.

3.The Durbar Squares

The Kathmandu valley is city of heritages and it encloses several UNESCO World Heritage Site inside the barrier like surrounding hills. The valley is host to several ancient towns crowded inside the mace of new urban buildings. All of these ancient towns inside the new buildings house countless number of awesome looking amenities. However, key among these beautiful and magnificent Newari pagoda structures are the Durbar squares in Patan, Bhaktapur and the Hanuman dhoka. Each of these durbar square located inside the valley hold exquisite and exemplary marvel of finest man made marvels.

The Nine Storeyed Nau talle temple in the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square, Fifty-five Window palace in Bhaktapur and marvelous Krishna Mandir at Patan are the feast to the eyes. The refreshing classic structures house brilliant looking statues, exquisitely carved wood work, brilliantly designed squares and a history that dates backs several centuries. Feast on some momos while you enjoy the view of these beautiful location in Nepal.

4.Chitwan National Park

98 kilometer south west from the capital city of Kathmandu lay wetland, marshland and forests of the Chitwan National park. The area declared as a park in 1973 sits with a massive expanse of 932 square kilometers of Jungle. The National Park has long been a world heritage site and a popular tourist destination from a long period of time in the Nepalese memory. The National park is home to over 500 species of mammalian animals and coming across a different species of antelope every next hour is normal here. The location also stands as a heaven for bird watchers who love spending time with their handy binoculars on hill or tree tops.

It also hosts one of the highly important yet under celebrated tourist places in Nepal – the Beeshazaari Taal or the collection of twenty thousand lakes. The region hosts visiting elephants, migrating birds, hogs and countless wild animals. Further, the collection of rare endangered animals in this park makes it one of the prime, must visit tourist places in Nepal.

The king of the forest Royal Bengal Tiger lays quietly for the hunt in Chitwan’s forest. Accompanying the tigers in the dense jungle is the famous One Horned Rhinoceros that a traveler came across on the jungle safari. Likewise, the banks here lays full with the Dinosaur Era gharial crocodile, people love snapping for their social media accounts.


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