Must Visit Places in Western Nepal

Must Visit Places in Western Nepal

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Must visit places in Western Nepal contain attraction capable of enclosing any traveler in a dream. The geography, environment, and magic of motherly nature bless Western Nepal with spectacles worth dying for. The unscathed and remote destination in the far reaches of Nepal’s west offers an escape into nature’s arm. The location flourishes with flora, fauna, mountains, deserts, lakes, and countless enchanted natural amenities to gaze. The distance from urban civilization had long been a curse but the sanctity that resulted from it now stands as a boon for travelers and locals. Travel to these places to visit in Western Nepal.

1. Lower Dolpo

Lower Dolpo is an ancient land standing still with traditions, nature, and century-old way of lifestyle. The Lower Dolpo Trek is a perfect opportunity to find salvation in hardly unchanged living style in the sanctity of nature. The semi-arid region with travel access all year long, the Dolpo tour offers one - the chance of experiencing the contrast of Nature. Walk past the lust green forests of Shey Phoksundo national park blooming with Rhododendrons, Pine trees, rare exotics like snow leopard to reach the dry meadows of the Lower Dolpo. Choose to witness the place frozen in time which comes laced with ancient Bon and Buddhist monasteries high in the clouds. From turquoise blue water of glacial lakes to awesome views of the rising Dhaulagiri Mountain range, the lower Dolpo has it all.

2. Upper Dolpo

Tibetan Buddhism coupled with Bon Religion turns both the Upper and Lower Dolpo, a miraculous place for a renewed view on human traditions. The key highlight setting Upper Dolpo to stand out from its lower half is the daredevil trail. The steep rugged trails under the rain shadow of the crystal mountain offer a variant gradient throughout the day, making up for an awesome spectacle. However, the key takeaway of the rugged trail is the exhibition of hardship one gets to experience on its route. The hard life of people residing in the Jomsom and Dolpo region comes to the scene as you walk past the bending corners. The Upper Dolpo Trail is a challenge for thrill-seekers who love venturing into the unknown. The yearly annual kora (religious trip generally consists of a circular pathway) during the festival period is a sight to behold and one can join locals paying homage to crystal mountain.

3. Upper Mustang

The red-hued and arid Himalayan Desert laying, quietly below the Great Himalayan Trail; it’s exactly the way Upper Mustang looks and it is the way one should define it. The Last forbidden kingdom of Nepal, the ancient kingdom of LO and its throne sat on the Upper Mustang area. It is the embodiment of the purest form of living Traditional Tibetan Culture and sits amongst the top places to visit in Western Nepal. Enjoy the lively traditions passed down through time in the local people’s nomadic lifestyle. Further, be a spectacle to lively traditions in the Guru Rinpoche’s ways inside the ancient monasteries. Equally amazing scenes are available in the stone-paved villages and the ancient sea bed caves standing close to the clouds. Taste a share of delicacies made with the Pink Himalayan rock salt mined right from the village corners.

4. Mount Saipal

The enigmatic trekking experience of the Saipal Mountain is an obligatory journey to go on for novice and pro trekkers. The off beaten remote trail is rare with visitors and offers a great thrilling escape from the clutches of the modern lifestyle. It is an unpopular trek due to its distant location but does not let the mainstream trekking scenarios fool you. The Saipal Himal Trek lands on the list of must-visit places in Western Nepal because of the unmodernized, distinct and pristine view available in the sky-high locations here. The next worldly Gumbas or Gompas housing red-robed Buddhist monks and the brilliant hospitality in Thakuri villages along the way make the trip to these corners of Nepal, a worthwhile experience. Travel along the rugged stone trails to base camp for a spectacularly fresh and picturesque view of the great Mount Saipal.

5. Dhaulagiri Trek

Last on the list of must-visit places in Western Nepallands the seventh-highest Mountain of Dhaulagiri. The steep and tall standing mountain blesses the people of this region with countless glaciers plus rivers breathing life in the surrounding hills. The Myagdi Khola which originates from the Chonbardon Glacier is an important destination to gaze on this trip. Choose to relieve the burden on your shoulder and enjoy some time in the remote reaches of this region for once in a lifetime trekking experience. Indulge in the awesome lifestyle of the hidden valley, walk past pine forests, feel the magic of blooming rhododendrons, and lose yourself in the sounds of froth white river only on the Dhaulagiri trek.


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