Top 3 Museum of Kathmandu, Nepal

Top 3 Museum of Kathmandu, Nepal

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Museums in Kathmandu City? Why does a traveler even need to be in Kathmandu’s museum, when refreshingly classic cities decorated by pagodas, temples, monuments, wood carvings, stone figurines, elaborately decorated traditional houses, are available for catching a glimpse Right! No you’re wrong. The serene escape to walls of these neatly decorated spaces offer a glimpse of Nepali history, unavailable in streets of current Kathmandu. The monumental heritages associated with lives of locals to the personal items from Nepal’s royalty; artifacts repatriated from stolen places to those dug from reaches of earth; paintings of Thangkas crafted by finest artisans to those illustrated on canvases by Malla Kings; and other pieces of history bolstering radiance of the spaces of museum in Nepal.

Top 3 museums of Kathmandu

The city of Kathmandu is a museum in itself for those who know it by heart but for the traveler who wants to step even further back into Nepal’s timeline. The museums in kathmandu city are bound to provide an escape into inconceivable wonderland, you’ll only come across in a dream. The top 3 museums of Kathmandu here on the list are go to place, whether you want a time away from urban facade into serenity or genuinely interested in artifacts.

A travelers trip to Nepal officially kicks off, only subsequent to a day trip in Kathmandu and it’s heritages. While, the usual tour packages takes you off to fast paced ride on heritages round the city, packages often ignore a trip to ancient and 20th century Kathmandu inside Hanuman Dhoka’s museum. What’s so special about this museum of Kathmandu ? Well, Every nook and corners of the Hanuman Dhoka Museum is special. Exotic artifacts laid across the wood work of Malla Era Palaces tundal and Canvases of Shah Monarchs standing tall in Neo Classical Durbar provide glimpse of Nepal’s Royal history. The coffin, cycle, and other prized personal items of late King Tribhuvan allows a spectacle of then royal life style in the palace. Further, the possessions of King Birendra including the awards he received during his years at prestigious Harvard University and other institutions. The spectacle to behold are the full sized paintings of the Shah kings, wall painting of Tribhuvan’s funeral procession in the old palace and the replica of royal crown at Gaddi Baithak. The most prized possession of King Tribhuvan housed in the museum is his Royal Stick which also happens to be a secret sword. Travelers can get to Hanuman Dhoka Palace Museum.

  • Taragaon Museum

Hippies were probably the last people to explore Nepal after Tony Haggen. In order to roll back to the Nepal of those days is now impossible and travelling to the time in past is only feasible through Haggen’s videos. There’s, a good news to Traveler's that want to return a trip down on a time capsule at Taragaon Museum. The museum located right beside premier 5 star Hyatt Regency Hotel and world heritage site is an inviting space with all kind of artifacts related to classic Nepali life. Here, in corridors of this Kathmandu’s museum, are cleanly highlighted sculptures, artworks of painters, and traditional artifacts related to lifestyle of people prior to modernization. A happening amphitheater with ancient reddish brick aura for a backdrop - makes it a place to be at times of screening. Further, the eatery here feasts stomachs of those hungry traveler that wish to help their eyes feast on glamorous traditional amenities of brilliantly traditional Nepal.

  • National Museum

The palace of the Royal Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, National Museum of Nepal carries a great collection of artworks and varied collection of range of different natural alongside man made artifacts. The majestic blossoming gardens and exclusive collection of weapons here inside the walls of the current museum of Kathmandu, were only available for royals and emissaries of foreign countries. The days of such royal exclusion are long gone but the private weapon collection sections laced with swords, shields and unique weapons are now easily available to traveler making their way to its hallways. There are 3 separate buildings inside mammoth sized walls of this courtyard style building putting up weaponries of all kinds in one building, natural history in other and recovered artifacts in another. The key take away here in the museum is collection of ancient to latest currency notes and coins. However, main spectacle here are ride of king Mahendra and the Nepal’s stolen or repatriated century old idols. Besides, these awesome and spectacular collection of art work is Victorian cannons, world war launchers, and early gun powder rifles that require manual reloading. Travelers can also rekindle the children in them while visiting rooms full of Nepali and foreign dolls along with the trip of taxidermy section that is no less than a mini zoo. Stay tuned with Nepabooking or register to get updates on more museums in Kathmandu city.


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