Mardi Himal Trek | A Trekkers Paradise Between Popular Trekking Destinations

Mardi Himal Trek | A Trekkers Paradise Between Popular Trekking Destinations

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Mardi Himal Trek welcomes the traveler with its jagged and stony trails in Western Nepal. The trekking paradise of Mardi Himal is a little offbeat and close to the popular trek of Annapurna Base Camp and widely renowned Poon hill Trek. The little-explored trek route saw itself open to daring mountain lovers and pristine nature lovers 8 years ago, in the year 2012. The introduction of Mardi Himal Trek may have brought some improvement to it but rise to higher elevation reveals curved narrow hill roads still unscathed by modern amenities. Explore the riches of this short yet amazing new trekking route tucked far away from the bustle of the city.

Making Your Way to Mardi Himal Trekking Route

The Himal or Mountain of Mardi lays right on the shoulders of the popular mountain range of Machhapuchre Himal (Mount Fish Tail) and a couple of miles below the legendary Annapurna Mountain. The trek has four alternative options and travelers can experience choose to experience a range of different scenery on the trek to Mardi Himal. Extreme trekkers looking for some adventure - often choose to throw in a mix of a trek to heavily popular trekking routes of Annapurna and poon hill.

A trekker can narrowly escape these heavily tourist-filled treks by choosing to start either at Hyangja or Dhampus. A few miles away from the lively natural abode of Pokhara and few kilometers downhill on your Mardi Himal trek, these destinations are a few hours away on either a bus or a car ride. The travelers choosing to take a highway ride from the pristine hills of Kathmandu - can make their way to the starting point of the trek in a journey spanning 6-hour long drive.

Is This The Right Trekking Route in Nepal?

The trekking route in Western Nepal is for new trekkers looking for some possible challenges in the future. The trekking route to Mardi Himal is a short, light on the foot, and best trekking trip in Nepal for first-time trekkers to acclimatize. The elderly travelers with a young and wandering heart can easily conquer the ascent of Mardi Himal Trek. The trail to Mardi Himal has unimagined gifts in store for the seasoned trekker; scenery of glacial valleys, forests, rocky trails, panoramic views, and more await those who have conquered the like of ABC trek and Everest Base camp Trek. The nature lovers, in search of wilderness, will especially be pleased with the trekking paradise of Mardi Himal.

The trek is sparsely populated and very few make this trail offering a pure glimpse of nature almost void of Humans. One comes across the rural Nepali people either during your stay at the guest house and tea shops or along the pastures where they graze their cattle in the summer. Furthermore, it is a perfect trekking route for an internet detox, the internet, and other facilities are not widespread. Those guesthouses that do have a running internet charge an extra fee, possibly deterring the internet freak in you.

Picturesque Things on The Trek

The awesome trekking trails of Mardi Himal offers scenery right from the start. You’ll start feeling the mountains welcome you way ahead of your trekking adventure in the town of Pokhara and the uphill trek ascent will bring them even closer. Choose to visit numerous lakes, temples, Buddhist monasteries for a capture worth a social media upload on your way to the start of the trek. The picture frame-worthy view of South Annapurna is best seen on this trek and definitely demands a snap from the handy camera device with you. Equally amazing picture moments are available in the tea states of Lawang Village a few kilometers away from the starting point of Hyangja.

The forest lit brightly by blossoming Rhododendron flowers of white and red color make the trail look like a scenery from fairy tales of your favorite book. Numerous other forests of Pine and maple trees laid across sweeping valley provide an ode to countless flora and fauna. The marvelous location also offers a perfect natural setting for the silhouette photo – ones been dreaming. Escape the narrow ridges while you snap some shot on your phone as Madi Khola emerging out from deep corners of the valley. Enjoy the view of majestic snow jacketed mountains of Mardi, Annapurna, Machhapuchre, and Hiunchuli Mountain on the awesome trail of Mardi Himal Trek.

Best Season For The Trek

The trekking season in Nepal is often best during the spring season and trekkers wishing to make the Mardi Himal Trek must do the same to enjoy a glimmering crystal clear view of mountains. The Mardi receives very little tourists – even the best trekking season of March to May receives very little human activity except for local herders climbing uphill with their animal for pastures. It is advised to avoid any other season to trek to the reason because the sparsely dotted guest houses are closed. Further, the trekking route to turns muddy and unfathomably difficult during other seasons. Don't wait! put those headphones on, play some music and start your journey.


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