Hidden Places in Nepal | Top 5 Unexplored Places

Hidden Places in Nepal | Top 5 Unexplored Places

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Hidden places in Nepal are pinnacle of tourism destinations, travelers need to experience in the country. The top 5 unexplored places like ones on this list are often shadowed by mighty Mount Everest and other mountain spaces. The Himalayas and trekking opportunities in the tiny nation offer a dazzling thrill but other experiences of Nepal are equally worth exploring. Choose to forego regular experience associated with Nepal or mix up the popular experiences along with experience of these hidden jewels. Walk across the trails, feel natures finest zephyrs, enjoy breath-taking sights, feel supple pristine water bodies, and more in Nepal.

1.Rara Lake

The queen of lakes in Nepal, Rara is Nepal’s best kept secret. The pristine blue glimmer of the Himalayan Lake bequeaths an aura powerful to captivate any living soul on the planet. Resting high at an altitude of 2990m like the diamond on a beautiful ring, the picturesque lake rest in deep reaches of the Sinja Valley of Jumla district. The lake sits right beside a backdrop of mountain ranges on one front and rolling green hills on the other. The large expanse of the water, blanket of forest enveloping the lake and awesome location for stargazing makes Rara Lake tour a complete nature package. Take the off beaten trail high in the clouds for escaping civilization and enjoying serene nature.

2.Bhotechaur Tea Estates

The British may not have been able to conquer the nation of Nepal but their tea has won over hearts of millions of Nepali. It is normal to find a tea houses in the remotest places and uncanny corners of the city. The Nepal take on the tea is equally amazing, nourishing, filing and definitely worth a sip. The Bhotechaur tea estates add up to the tea experience of Nepal. 18 miles north east from Kathmandu, you can enjoy the foggy mornings, awesome view and the fresh tea in the Sindhupalchowk’s Bhotechaur tea estates. Grab a bus and make your way for a night of bon fire and awesome morning sip among the clouds in these serene hills.

3.Janaki Temple

The southern reaches of Nepal make the minds of domestic and international traveller only when travelling to Lumbini. Furthest in the imagination of people strike, the flora and fauna of the Chitwan National Park. Hidden down in southern most stretches of Terai is mesmerizing Janaki Temple that only devotees pay homages too. It is a marvel of the Nepali Mughal art housing a Hindu deity Janaki.

The epitome of the religious coherence in Nepal, the temple and region are famous for Mithila arts, Mughal architecture, Mithila cuisine and rich history. The temple illuminates to life during congregation ofepic festivals like Chhatha Pooja, Ram Nawami, Bibaha Panchami and more. Book a flight from domestic terminal at airport in Kathmandu or take a bus ride directly to Janakpur district for a visit to this beautiful hidden place in Nepal.


The touristic town of Bandipur lands as one of the least or even unexplored places in Nepal. It is a refreshingly classic Newari village in Tanhaun District. Once a bustling hill trade post connecting the merchants of two great civilization of India and China, Bandipur has always been a famous destination in Nepali memento. The touristic Newari towns of Bandipur lost it charms as highway started materializing and fell into shadows. However, the certain years in the shadows allowed Bandipur to keep its artisan Newari houses intact. The alleys, locations, delectable tasty cuisine, hill tops view point, and lush green rolling hills ornamenting the town can take any traveler through a visual galore; a galore of civilization resting in perfect harmony with the nature’s gift. Get a bus or micro bus ticket from Kathmandu or Pokhara for arrival into the town of harmonic beauty.

5.Paanch Pokhari

The last on the hidden places in Nepal is a pleasant surprise from mother-nature herself. The wetlands and marshes are found in the plains right; one needs to fact check, should she or he thinks that way. The Paanch Pokhari high up in the shadows of Langtang range awaits to blow the mind of unaware visitor. The wetland lake high in the altitude of 4500 metres is a marvel of nature. The name of this beautiful wetland lake high in the clouds stems from existence of five lakes in a single location. The lush green pastures, rolling hills, sparsely blooming rhododendron - makes the visit to this location feel like the ones is your fairy tale or your dreams.

The Paanch Pokhari lakes are famous for the yearly Rakhshya Bandhan festival and thousands flock to it for its religious significance. The pristine glacial destination of Paanch Pokhari is located in Bhotang region of the Ramechhap District, 80 kilometer North East from the capital Kathmandu.


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