5 Breathtaking Ponds of Kathmandu Valley

5 Breathtaking Ponds of Kathmandu Valley

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Amidst the glamour of beautifully built Durbar Square, temples, hill stations, and mouth-watering Mo:Mo:are breathtaking ponds of Kathmandu. The historical kingdoms of Yen:dey: (current day Kathmandu), Yaladey: (current day Lalitpur) and Khowpadey: (current day Bhaktapur)house immensely massive to quiet and neatly packed man-made ponds offering amazing spectacle for a wondering traveler. Built for religious, ground water recharge, daily use, war time and other purposes, these ponds now serve great attraction for foreign and domestic traveler alike.

Ponds in Kathmandu Valley

The possibilities from taking photos, enjoying a romantic date with one’s partner, spending some time in peace and many possibilities are available in Kathmandu Valley. Pack your bags for an amazing time at these 5 must visit ponds in Kathmandu.

Godly pond of Siddhapokhari

The Mammoth sized pond gleaming with warm welcoming courtyard and Falchas (traditional pagoda style resting place) is designed in a spectacular manner guaranteed to awestruck visitors. The pond locally knowns as Ta Pukhu in local Newari Language is abode of the beautiful fishes and gods. The tales surrounding rectangular Siddhapokhari add extra glamour to the place as people come take a dip in annual festival to get blessed from Goddess Rudrayani. The local come here to relax and escape the urban life of medieval city of Durbar Square and it is a popular get away for couples of birds and couple of humans alike. Feed the fishes and reminisce the beauty of water by the side walk of this amazing rectangular marvel of a pond with entrances on four sides. Before you take the boat at this best pond in Kathmandu, take a bus ride from Purano Bus park close to Kathmandu Durbar square.

Mystical pond of Pimbahal

A short 20 minute micro bus ride away from Dharhara bus and Tempo Park lies a hidden gem of Kathmandu. One of the famous Pond of Kathmandu, PimbahaPukhu rest deep inside the alleyway of medieval city of Lalitpur. The folklore here state the Puku: (pond in Newar language) was built by demons upon the request of a beautiful lady who resided here centuries ago during a water shortage. It may have been built by demons but the stupas, temples, patis and falchas right in middle of lake add a clamor unavailable in any other lakes. Enjoy basking in the sun with locals on the falcha or choose to ride the boat along with beautiful geese swimming around the pond. While other places in valley are famous for palatable newar cuisines, the Pimbahapukhu is famous for freshly prepared potato chips with millennial's and oldies. Get to spend a blissful period of peace and escape the city heat at Pimbaha Pukhu right inside the city, on your tour to 5 must visit ponds in Kathmandu.

Sanctuary of Taudaha

Taudha pond often called Taudaha Lake is a pond settled on foothills of Chobahar, a popular village used for exit out of Kathmandu valley. It is believed to be abode of the Naga deity, Karkotak who along with other deity was left homeless, after Kathmandu was drained for settlement by Buddhist deity Manjushree. In order to be safe from the wrath of supreme Naga lord, people of the valley built the pond and laid it with riches for Nagaraja (Serpent king) to reside.

However, the pristine water of this lake is not only sanctuary to Nagaraja but to over 40 species of bird and variety of fishes swimming the pond. The lonely tree standing tall right in the middle adds a powerful enigma to this sanctuary of lake. Travel on a bus, car or bike from Kathmandu for a 30 minute ride to visit the migratory winter ducks fishing in this pond. It’s a perfect destination to enjoy a peaceful period or a romantic getaway for visitors. Lastly, the trip of best pond in Kathmandu allows visitors to Taudaha, the entertainment of feeding fishes.

Heavenly pond of Nagdaha

The tale of Nagdaha, a must visit pond on the current list of breath taking ponds in Kathmandu shares a similar folk legend to one with Taudaha. The lake look alike pond is believed by locals to be built for housing thousands of serpents and the tail of Takshak Naga. The natural setting of Nagdaha is strikingly similar to one at Taudha but it offers something more in return. The blissful temple at the corner of the lake for visitors to pay their respect, a fun boating experience at offer for 50 rupees and a bird watching experience of rare birds like Gargeny and Little Grebe, and awesome eateries close by make this pond, a place to be during one’s visit to Kathmandu. Furthermore, enjoy the fog and sun rise over the rolling hills of Phulchowki early in the morning from Nagdaha. Take a cab or a bus ride from Lagankhelbuspark in Lalitpur to go visit the place.

Floating Lotuses at KamalPokhari

The current list should not be called 5 must visit ponds in Kathmandu. Instead, it should be called 6 must visit ponds in Kathmandu because there are two famous pond in Kathmandu bearing exact same names, the Kamalpokhari at Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. These breath taking ponds in Kathmandu are a must for any visitors wishing to wander around Kathmandu. The serene pond of Bhaktapur’s Kamalpokhari is located right next to Kamal Binayak Buspark, on outskirts of the medieval Newari city.

However, the Kamalpokhari in Kathmandu sits right next to the urban high street of Durbar Marg and Hattisar. The Traveler's wishing to enjoy some food and beating the city noise, should visit the classic brick laiden pond of Bhaktapur. Whereas, those wishing to enjoy the mix of serene big lake right in the middle of urban skylines, after a visit to movie theater should visit Kathmandu’s Kamala Pokhari. The local stick foods and flavour packed panipuri, righton sidewalk is available at Bhaktapur’s Kamalpokhari.

There may not be a food stall on sidewalks of Kamalpokhar in Kathmandu but it is a sight to behold during chhatha Puja celebrations. Thousands of devotees make their way to the Kathmandu’s kamalpokhari when the organizing committee decorate this pond to life. The current piece is only a mere glimpse of ponds in Kathmandu, Stay tuned for another pond series to drop by.


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