five Best places to visit in Western Nepal

five Best places to visit in Western Nepal

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Land of distinct variety, Nepal - welcomes you home to best places visit in western Nepal to all the travelers wander lusting for an amazing trip. Nepal’s mystical land has long been famous for its rugged trails to high Himalayas and the ancient city living in the urban complexes of Kathmandu Valley. However, a revitalizing trip to western Nepal hidden away from the world is a perfect trip for get away from hectic schedule and urban life. The nature’s lovers paradise located in the remotest of corners deemed far to reach, offers an exploration of unimagined scale to new or old visitors alike.

Why western nepal is best destination to visit?

The popular tourist destination jumbled with buildings and infrastructure are unlikely to appease some travelers. Instead, some travelers are moved by the mountains moving with wind, hills speaking with the sky, and godly lands speaking a hymn to the animals living in it. The best of Nepal’s west, lays quietly with its beautiful natural amenities to a wondering nature lover - wishing to stand in awe of aforementioned sights. Witness the earth bloom at its best in the grassland where tigers lay and mountains that snow leopard roams on 5 best place in far west. The diamond blue Karnali flowing in the west is home to rarest of earth’s secrets and ancient fresh water dolphin in these waters are a sight to behold. A mammoth sized herd of antelopes residing down in the grasslands of wildlife sanctuaries in this region are unmatched by any other regions of the country. Come take a trip to discover nature with Nepabooking to discover these 5 best place in far west.

Shuklaphanta Reserve

Start your trail on the marvelous sight of nature from the western terai’s Shuklaphanata wildlife reserve. The tall grassland moving at the signal of wind waves every nature lover a hello to its beautiful locations. The grassland here provides a sanctuary to range of different birds moving down south on their great migration to escape the northern cold. While you hear the birds fly in joy and chirp in excitement, the traveler in you will be witness to river beds and wetlands full of antelope herds quenching their thirst in the crystalline waters of Sarada river flowing from India. If the nature showers you with its love, you may come across a tiger hunting it’s pray, in this part of the country on your trip to western Nepal.

Khaptad National Park

On your ascend from Shuklaphanta reserve to the mid mountainous hill of the Khaptad National park, you will come face to face with the foggy shadow of beautiful forests. The rolling hills and plateau housing animals like boars, rhesus macaques, langurs, musk deer’s and more offers refreshing sight to nature lover. While the attractions mentioned prior this sentence are a must to see but the absolute must on your trip to this park is to be in the natural meadows which look like gardens. Locally known as patans, the meadows like trivenipatan, bukipatan, ghodaudaunipatan and fifty other patans are a sight not to miss. Further, Hidden in the forest and meadows of its garden are amazing butterflies flying near your arms reach. Embrace the land like the butterflies on this best of Nepal’s west tour.

Surmasarowar Lake

On further ascend to west in the outreaches of Bajhang, one can come be a witness to nature accommodating religion in its lap. Take the locally popular trek to unscathed and untouched pristine water of the saintly, Surmasarowar Lake, resting atop the hill on a height of 4200m. The local tales of folklore got associated to this place; possibly after the locals noticed medicinal value of this lake. The lake is believed to treat skin disease and there’s annual festival happening around the powerful enigma surrounding this sight worthy lake. Make your trip to rolling hills of Bajhang on the trip to western Nepal during the Birijaat festival period for some added adventure.

Api Nampa Conservation area

Far from the reaches of modernization and up close to glowing White Mountains of Api and Nampa; lies the Api Nampa Conservation area. Feel the nature along with the nomadic byash community that have called this place home from time millennia. Rest beside the oak and conifer trees on your hike to foothills of Mount Api to enjoy a great view of the small meadows beaming with diversity of flora and fauna. Famous for its vegetation and amazing mix of herbs scattered across the land, the local food here can be refreshingly organic. Discover the very being of your inner existence on the adventure to remote places of the planet in yout ride to best places to visit in western Nepal.

Ghodaghodi Taal

Ghodaghodi taal is the final frontier on thrilling ride of best places to visit in western Nepal. On your trip back to civilization from the wilderness of nature, make the last trip to this water body to indulge in a mesmerizing time with nature. Gain some knowledge of the ecosystem here in the lake from the expert guide detailing you about the 20 species of animal that call this place home. Feel close to the fish in the lake peeking the sky - on a boat ride and submerge in the roots of your existence. The lake is close to civilization and ever closer to the highway but this huge lake definitely offers a picture worthy tour; unavailable in other lake side destination.


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