5 Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu After Lockdown

5 Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu After Lockdown

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Places to visit in Kathmandu have been famous after the country opened itself to visitors in the decade of 60’s. The uncanny combination of modern civilization sheltering the unique old cities dating back ages make it a surreal travel destination in Nepal. The beautifully ornate pagodas inside neatly decorated durbar square to temples bigger than heaven are all nestled in Kathmandu. Ancient city lover to nature lovers alike the Kathmandu Valley has a tourist site to offer for every kind of traveller.The Kathmandu is awaiting you with its numerous amazing locations to come enjoy after the end of lockdown.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kathmandu

The glorious palaces dating malla and shah dynasty palaces laiden across various locations in valley provide excellent day tours. If religious wisdom is where you ought to find eternal peace then banks of Pashupatinath and prayer wheels at Boudhanath can provide excellent places to be. Once end of lockdown is near, visit these top 5 surreal travel destination in Nepal at one and only marvel of location, Kathmandu.

1. The Breezing Air of Shivapuri

Get on a thrill uphill walk to the viewpoint available at an amazing hill of Shivapuri. The fresh gush of air blowing atop the hill and view of frothy crystalline rivers originating from this tourist siteis guaranteed to beat all clutter accumulated in mind during lockdown. The Bishnudwara and Baghdwara where two important river of valley originate provide magnanimous spectacle for a traveller. Similarly, the view of mountain ranges from top of the Shivpuri hill and nagigumba on its foothills offer a mind refreshing tour to a traveller conquer the hills and stone steps laced inside this national park. The deers grazing deep in the jungle along with birds chirping you a warm welcome are some further attraction to this place.

2. Swayambhunath

Renowned for majestic aura emanating from the dome shaped Buddhist chaitya a top the hill makes Swayambhunath one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu. The world heritage site Swayambhunath lies west 2.1 km on foot from another Heritage site, the Hanuman Dhokasurbar square. The aroma of incense carried in the wind and beautifully lit rows of butter lamps are captivating sceneries only available at this Buddhist chaitya. Enjoy the view of urban building sprawling Kathmandu metropolis and watch the monkeys play on the trees surrounding stunning Swayambhunath subsequent to end of lockdown. A traveller can either take a 9 minute bus ride to back entrance or conquer the stone stairs overlooking the Vajra at front entrance.


3. Sundari Chowk at Patan Durbar Square

The blanket of hills around Kathmandu valley houses several old Newari towns and durbar squares. However, non-other chowks can beat the magnanimity of beauty radiated by Sundari chowk at Patan Durbar Square. Sundari chowk is a marvel of Newari stone art and epitome of square (chowk) architecture of the Malla dynasty’s which ruled Nepal. The royal bathing hiti(taps in Newari language) built for kings and queens. The intricately sculpted rows of god enclosed aroundbeautiful decorated windows make it look like heavenly. The tusahiti emancipates a radiance of its own like no other hiti’s around Kathmandu valley and it’s a must to make your visit of stunning place in Kathmandu memorable. After completion of visit to the Sundari chowk a tour of the museum, garden, and warm food inside the durbar square are other leisurely activities available in current tourist site.

4. Boudhanath Periphery

Ever seen an extravagant Buddhist monastery registered in World Heritage Site? Well, the Boudhanath is exactly the answer traveller in you is looking for after end of lockdown. The Tibetan sensation coupled with Newari Buddhist architecture make it one of the top 5 best places to visit in Kathmandu. Enjoy the moving sounds originating from the hymns of lamas prying homages to the Buddha and musk of sweet smell in the air which come from incense of devotees. Walk along the beautiful square and spin the mane (prayer wheels) or click a snap atop from the roof amazing cafes at Boudhanath.


The ancient Newari town of Kirtipur a few kilometres walk away from Kathmandu Durbar square is amongst finest places to visit in Kathmandu. The nooks and alley ways around current corners of kathmnadu can leave any visitor wondering, The classic Newari buildings, flamboyantly decorated temples, exquisitely carved tundals(wooden support structure in pagodas), marvellous stone sculpture and famous eateries are available at Kirtipur. Visit the famous BaghVairab Temple laced with history of exquisite local history or bow your head in wisdom at the Chilancho Stupa resting on the southern side of steep rocky hill of one of the awesome places to visit in Kathmandu. A hungry traveller cannot go without food and the medieval city of Kirtipur offers anewari feast like none other at famous eateries like Newa: Lahana and Sa: Sa: restaurant touted for authentic Newari staples.


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