5 Activities To Do in Kathmandu After Lockdown

5 Activities To Do in Kathmandu After Lockdown

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The activities to do in Kathmandu make it a fun filled attractive destination for any traveler wishing to ease their mind and soothe their souls. Global pandemic and ensuing lockdown has affected life of every individual and everyone is now itching to go visit outdoors, after the spell of current pandemic is over. The current article is dedicated to all of us around the world wishing life to be back to normal and looking for things to do in city of gods, Kathmandu. Everyone along with us at NepaBooking are eagerly waiting for a dawn of vaccination and urge our beloved travelers to thoroughly follow safety measures until you get to be part of the activities written along.

After lockdown is now an event, all individuals around the world are awaiting like the merrily Christmas wind or the breezing Dashain zephyr. The picnics, gatherings, a barbecue by a hill or vacation to exciting place can expected to be the new normal, after everything is over. Come visit the city touted for its majestic pagodas and delicately crafted temple and indulge in these 5 activities to do in Kathmandu after lockdown.

Amazing Activities To Do in Kathmandu

Eating out on the streets to enjoying a pint in the bustling streets of Thamel and taking stroll down heritages sites, was the normal in Kathmandu. After the lockdown and its abrupt consequences, the social distancing along with safety measure is a must – given the corona is here to stay. Thus, a traveler must choose following things to do and avoid getting infected alongside the desire to travel after lockdown.

1. Souvenir Shopping

It’s always as great idea to gift your loved and close ones to remind you care. The ease after lockdown may be the right time to shop and gift people some handy souvenir. The handicrafts like Khukhuris, Tiki Jhya (traditional Newari window) frames, Silver Ornaments, Idols, Thangkas, keyrings, fridge magnet and more are popular souvenir items, the tourist destination in Kathmandu are filled with. Whether, it’s the street vendor nestled in corner of Kathmandu durbar square or large shops at Thamel and Boudhanath, you will easily find souvenir vendor at your disposal. The alluringly crafted souvenir shopping may be one of the best things to do in Kathmandu post lockdown as shopping is positively associated with reduction of stress. Beat the stress you suffered from getting locked inside home and get awestruck shopping beautiful souvenirs.

2. Take The Skies On a Para-glide

The social distancing is here to stay for the days until emergence of vaccine. So, the post lockdown life will not get normal and it’s best to avoid visiting crowds. The best way to enjoy outdoors and stay safe at the same time would be to take to skies with a pilot certified negative for Covid-19. While, paragliding in Kathmandu may not be as popular as Pokhara but there’s a promising view on offer. Hit the Chapkhark hills in Godawari in the South western part of Kathmandu valley to fulfill your wish of gliding in winds. Soar amongst the bird right above botanical garden and forest while enjoying view of Kathmandu and nearby mountains like Langtang, Jugal, along with Ganesh.

3. Walk The Hills For a Hike

Hikes are short uphill walk and often best things to do for breathing a fresh breeze of air along with amazing scenery a top of it. The houses in valley rest on the foot hill of numerous sub-tropical and deciduous forest, laced with backdrop of vegetation and amazing fauna. An avid travelers wish to visit outdoors and be safe from corona post lockdown, can be fulfilled on short hikes to places like Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Champadevi, Nagarkot, White Gumba and more. Choose to hike the deciduous forest of Nagarkot to reach the sparsely visited view tower or hide and seek with deers in the hike to Shivapuri. Hikes to other places around Kathmandu are similarly exciting and offer religious pilgrims, tastiest local delicacies in remote places and much more.

4. Get Immersed in Beauty of Heritage Site

While, this is a risky option out of all other options, for domestic tourist and foreign tourist alike but it may well be worth it. Visit the grand monasteries like Boudhanath and Swayambhunath to soak in the rich Vajrayana Buddhist history of Kathmandu. Likewise, you can also use appropriate safety and social distancing measures to get mesmerized by enigma of Hindu World Heritage sites like Changu Narayan and Pashupatinath. Gain blessings and wisdom from gods residing inside these artistically grandeur of Newari people of Nepal.

5. Mountains Are Calling

The travelers who were locked down and looking for wonderful; things to do can take a mountain flight to satisfy their inner desire. Mountains calling the traveler in you are just a flight away from Tribhuvan International airports domestic flight terminal. Choose to take to the foothill of the Everest on a helicopter trip or fly above the Eastern Himalayan Range on Everest flight trip provided by Nepali airlines companies. The activities to do in Kathmandu never get boring as mountain flights offer the sight of over 20 Himalayan peaks including the mighty Everest.


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