Everest: A trek to Third Pole| True experience of Everest

Everest: A trek to Third Pole| True experience of Everest

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Long touted as third pole after two natural poles up north and down south, an experience of Everest is a must for mountain connoisseur. The tallest peak on earth offers an experience as tall as itself for those who dare make a trip to through a rugged path full of stones. A cheap and affordable cost to Everest is not the reasons it’s been long popular, neither is it only about snow and big slab of black rock. Trip to Everest base camp is a life time of experiences taking a traveler through a journey of wilderness high among clouds and deep within themselves.

Finding Experience of Everest

Imagine a mass of people, traditional Buddhist cloth laden with mantra, monks with garlands and victorious feeling blowing the Himalayan Zephyr. As, a young New Zealander, a son of the Kiwi’s walks down highest peak on the face of the planet with Son of Mountains Tenzing Norgay. You are awe struck with these two climbers of the Era to have braved the ultimate peak Everest and wish to be hurled like them in the air. You want to achieve an aim like them to scan the wilderness and your dreams. It might be something a kid witnessing the story unfold may have felt, if you could dive deep into the story, you definitely make a visit to Mount Everest. The trip to Everest is full and gleaming of life time changing experience of mountains, rugged trails, sparsely dotted villages, flora, fauna and most importantly a brand new trip in you.

Making the tip to Everest Base camp

The ultimate peak Everest is a plane trip away on Nepal’s domestic air company like Buddha Air operating a daily 25 minutes flight depending upon Everest’s unforgiving climate. A welcoming view of the Himalayan range available from window on your flight, lets you soak in the air and prepares the traveller in you for forthcoming acclimatisation that is must to make the trip to Everest Base camp for next 12 days. if the traveller in you is looking for further thrill and longer time in nature then, you can brave the Jiri, solukhumbu trail used by Tenzing and Edmond before their summit to Everest. Take a nine hour long bus to snow flaked village of Jiri from City of Gods Kathmandu. The abode of wild boars, Himalayan Thar, legendary Danphe and mesmerizing animals; the town of Jiri used to be The Paradise and merchants making their way to Namche and the Ultimate Peak Everest. Challenge yourself with almost 20 days trek to Everest through Jiri routes and feel Tenzing’s soul take over you or book that flight for a relaxed 10-12 day long trip.

What makes trip to Everest a lifetime worth of experience?

The world is full of mountains, you will come across one in most of the continents around the planet. What makes tour to mountains in Nepal any different than the one in the Swiss Alps or Andes in the South Americas? While white snow-capped peaks glittering like a shining diamond is a speciality of all the mountains on this planet but you will come across more than mountain itself on your visit to mount Everest. The list downhill on this piece is experience you will not come across any other mountain destinations.

1. Mystical Sherpa Culture

The far reaches of these places hosts a group of religious people who follow the way of Buddha. Unmoved by the earnings their mountains make them, the culture here is refreshingly classic and offer a glimpse into century old culture which has been with these people. Join these awesome climbers famed for their brave summits of the peaks all across the world to experience way of the mountains in a home stay. The friendly people here and their awesome lifestyle de-clutters all the garbage piled up from your city life.

2. Airport in an uncanny place

Resting below the shadows of the Himalaya on the rolling green hills is the Lukla Airport that you must visit for true experience of Everest. The picturesque view from the terminal here is definitely a shot worth your Instagram feed or your Facebook wall. Watch the daredevil pilots land their small jets on the steep sloped airport with exact precision while you start moving to higher grounds.

3. Heavenly abode of monks

Sitting right below the panoramic view of the flaky snow jacketed mountains of Nuptse, Lhotse, Everest, Tawache, Amadablam and more is Tingboche monastery. Get blessed with purest of air and holiest of mantra inside the walls of this famous Buddhist monasteries prayed by trekkers and devotees. The welcoming murals explaining the life of Buddha and showering blessings teaches traveller’s on trip to Everest base camp, the true meaning of humbleness and life of little posessions. Stay tuned for more on our experience of Everest series with Nepabooking.


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