Dhulikhel: A Beautiful Hill Station of Nepal

Dhulikhel: A Beautiful Hill Station of Nepal

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There is something majestic about this place. Its breathtaking views, ancient tradition and the greenery hills are the point of attractions. The recent establishment of Dhulikhel Zipline has made it a must go destination. we are going to explore about beautiful hill of Nepal.

Beautiful Hill Station of Nepal

If you have been a resident of Kathmandu or have been here for a visit, then you must have visited Dhulikhel for sure, might be for friends gathering or sightseeing. Dhulikhel is a beautiful hill station of Nepal located in Kavrepalanchowk District at the Eastern rim of Kathmandu valley situated at the height of 1550 m above sea level, this hill station is at a distance of 30km southeast from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Two major highways, Arniko highway and BP highway pass through the heart of the town.

Folklores About Dhulikhel

About 300 years ago, the name of the town used to be ‘Shiklapur’.The word Dhu’ is derived from Newari Language. Here are some of the popularly heard stories behind the name.

  1. The town used to be very dusty in ancient time. In Newari language ‘Dhu’ means dust and ‘Khel’ means play. Hence the combination of two words resulted into naming the town Dhulikhel.
  2. Another story goes this way. Many years ago, the hills of Dhulikhel were blanketed with thick forests and was home to tigers. The place was known as a place where tigers play. ’Dhu’ also means tiger in Newari language and as said above, ‘Khel’ means play. Hence the place later became popularly known as Dhulikhel

Major Attractions of Dhulikhel

The vast open sky, the snow capped mountain views and the greenery hills makes you feel young and alive hence proving the statement, “Heaven is myth, Nepal is real”. The weather of Dhulikhel is so suitable that you fall love with nature.

1.Viewing The Mighty Himalayas

Dhulikhel offers the perfect 180opanoramic view of the mighty Himalayas. More than 20 mountain peaks are visible form different parts of the hill station like Annapurna, Lantang, Ganesh Himal, Lhotse and many more. The hills are green and the himalayas icy snowcapped. So, it’s one of the best nearby escape away destinations to get lost into nature for a real experience.

2.Walking Through The Alleyways

Walking through the town leaves no stone unturned to fascinate you in all ways. While walking down through the alleyways, you really get to feel the historical Newari architectures like Newari AankhiJhyal (wooden crafted windows), beautifully carved doors and narrow stone streets. The typical Newari cuisines add cultural flavor to the walking.


Dhulikhel town is full of temples and monuments which makes it a religious and historical destination for families and history lovers. Scattered on the cabled lane are Hindu shrines and few Buddhiststupas, with the Narayan temple located at the center of town. The Hari Siddhi temple and Bhagawati (Kali) Temple are also located nearby with astonishing wooden carvings. During Dashain, devotees from all around come to Bhagawati Temple to offer sacrifices. The traditions of the local people are of great curiosity and carries value to the visitors. Other temples in Dhulikhel are Saraswoti temple, Gaukhureshwor Mahadev temple, Balkumari, Bhimsen and many more.

4.The Sunrise Walk

The most popular activity in Dhulikhel is hiking to the high point Southeast of town in time for a sunrise over the peaks. Hiking in midst of trees and nature, you will feel revived. There’s a view tower at the point from where you can catch a spectacular view when all those snow-capped mountains turn golden with very rays of sun. That’s a view you don’t want to miss

5.1000 steps

This is a climb to 1000 stairs. It is another top attraction of this destination. After you walk the stairs you will reach ‘Shantiban’ where you can see a gigantic statue of Buddha. The views to the town and mountains make you forget all those hard work you did while climbing the stairs. Along the pathway you will come across many monks doing their daily rituals.

At the top of the 1000 steps there is another short step leading to Kali Shrine which has viewing platforms to take the panoramic view of the gorgeous mountains. 

6. Hiking to Namo Buddha

Namobuddha is an interesting 3hr hike or 10km drive from Dhulikhel and has a nice mix of Buddhist flavor and old Hindu temples. Once you arrive in Namobuddha, you will be able to visit the beautiful Tibetan monastery alongside the beautiful views of the dense hills.