David’s Nepabooking Travel Wishlist

David’s Nepabooking Travel Wishlist

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Last Weekend our team prepped up for David’s Nepabooking Travel Wishlist. Here at Nepabooking, we love taking interviews of the adventure junkies seeking thrill through travels. A brilliant guy in his late 20s, David is a computer programmer and a baseball junkie who loves watching his favorite team Cardinals dish out home runs in MLB, when he is not traveling. An aspiring programmer with a bright future intended to create some magic in the cartography world - his stories of travel and Nepal wishlist are a worthy read for travelers or adventurers of every walk of life.

Would mind telling us your favorite travel destinations?

My hobbies and a bucket list are a little large and you do know that I love to do things differently. Chocolates and snow-capped mountains are a few things I really love apart from my other hobbies like coding. My dream travel destination like everyone in the world is visiting the snow-capped mountains and enjoying the chocolate in the chilling alps of Switzerland. I may even try skiing or snowboarding right after setting my foot out of the terminal in Switzerland.

There’s snow here in Nepal too, would not you like to see the Everest Base Camp?

There are a lot of things I would like to see in Nepal. I would love to go back to the places I visited on my last trip here. The world heritage site of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath along with other Buddhist sites like Lumbini is on my list. Taking the plane to Lukla is definitely one of the thrills through travels, anyone traveling to Nepal wishes to enjoy in their life. I am no different than any other traveler and I would definitely like to include the chapter of taking the plane trip and trekking to Everest Base Camp in my stories of travel.

What was the favorite part of your Nepal tour Wishlist?

My last trip to Nepal was essentially a family trip to visit my in-laws there in Kathmandu. However, my need to travel, and my wishes to enjoy thrill through travels set me off on an amazing journey. I have fallen in love with all the three Durbar Squares, the pagodas like Nyatapola. The museum at Patan Durbar Square offered an amazing experience. Similarly, a trip to the sky in Pokhara was amazing, I took a paraglide in Pokhara and it was one hell of a flight. I had a pretty awesome time traveling to lakes, stupas, and enjoying the Mountain View in the scenic city of Pokhara. My travel to Chandragiri, a few days before my return flight to the US was a great experience. The cable car ride is a definite trip I would advise people to make on their Nepal Tour Booking.

What do you think makes Nepal a good travel destination?

Ohh, man! Where do I start? I pretty much like everything about Nepal but it’s been a great travel destination before we made this interview and it will remain one for a long haul. The Himalaya Nation of Nepal has a lot to offer in my point of view - Nepal has a different society and culture that people in western cultures don’t usually get to see. If they are interested, they get that in their Nepal wishlist. Nepal is rich in culture and history and the food is wonderful.

Any food you liked in particular?

Well man, the local buffalo dumplings they call Mo:Mo: The Buff momo there in Nepal was packed with flavors and fine from every way one can imagine. The food in Nepal was a little on the spicy side but I do not think you need to be a foodie to enjoy the flavors of Nepal. It would be an injustice, if I don’t speak of Newari food my mother-in-law cooked, the food tasted amazing. The Newari food is popular all over the country and one should definitely eat these delectable amazing foods available everywhere around the country of Nepal. The thrill through travels is also about enjoying new tasty things not just the traveling bit of your tour.

Your last words on, what you would like to say to travelers in Nepal on this session of David’s Nepabooking Travel Wishlist?

Everything mentioned above. Visit Durbar Squares in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Experience Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and Chandragiri while traveling inside places in Kathmandu Valley. Travel to Pokhara, Eat Momo until you need a new belt. All of that will give you a good month of activities. I believe you’ll need that long to fully experience the magic of Nepal.


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