Best time to visit Nepal | Seasons Worth Exploring

Best time to visit Nepal | Seasons Worth Exploring

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Nepal is a year-round destination for tourism, the best time to visit Nepal depends on a traveller’s bucket-list rather than the actual weather in the country. The vivid yet varied landscape beholds, the power to amaze any traveller; Nepal’s terrain offers tourism in both hospitable and inhospitable climatic conditions. 

Most tourism destinations in Nepal are inhospitable one season of the year and stand out as the best during another season in the same year. The sky-high mountains in the north; evergreen rolling high hills along its middle; and lush green swamps down south makes Nepal a travel destination of all seasons.

Number of Tourism Seasons in Nepal

Since it is all year-long destination; it should not come as a surprise to a normal human that all four seasons in the country, offer beautiful travel destinations for a tour. The country of Nepal has ranked as -top tourist destination under Lonely Planet’s rating, best value destination in Trip Advisor’s recommendation, and best travel destination by Forbes over the years – all thanks to its hospitable people, economic value and most importantly whole season long scalability.

  • Peak or best season: The early period of the fall season is the year, when one gets to mingle along with traveller from almost every corner of the globe. The best season to visit Nepal starts from mid to late September and ends during November.
  •  Runner up season or spring season: Spring season in Nepal is another beautiful season for blissful travel experience, trails are brightened by blossoming flowers, crystal clear sky atop mountains and warm weather.
  •  Showering Monsoon season: Sandwiched between two of the best season to travel in Nepal is the rainy monsoon season which kicks starts in June and stops late August. The season is muddy and wet with showers in most regions except a few touristic locations.
  • Winter season: The winter or December to February is the coldest period of the year in the nation and northern belt of Himalayan Region are mostly inaccessible. The period is best for travel in the southern and hilly regions.

Climates During The Time of Year to Travel Nepal

The seasons are soothingly different across five different climatic regions of Nepal. The tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, sub-alpine, and alpine zones act as a climatic paradise for migrating birds and wandering travelers. The average temperature in all the regions varies on a large extent and an ascent of every 1000 meters from south to the north leads to a drop of 42.8 Fahrenheit or 6 Celsius.

Attractions of The Best Time to Visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal starts from the first dawn in September and ends in November. The rainfall stops, monsoon clouds disappear and early fall season kick starts. Early September can bring about some level of precipitation but it is nearly nowhere as bad as the days of the rainy period. The vivid blue skies with a backdrop of the Himalayas atop numerous viewpoints and hills make it a great time to hike.

Furthermore, the period is the best season for trekking in Nepal. The uphill passes on high trekking trails are clear and open for visitors to reach base camp during these months in Nepal. It’s the right exploration time for hikers making it to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and several other trekking trails of Nepal. The season also boasts as the right time to paraglide in Pokhara or take a mountain flight for a panoramic view of the mountains.

The trails are packed with faces from around the world and one is likely to end up rubbing shoulders on crowded hiking trails – it is advised to book hotels and tickets early in this season. Likewise, the recently settled rains create a perfect environment for white water rafting in Nepal. It is the period of biggest festivities in Nepal and a traveler can celebrate Dashain and the festival of lights Tihar. Indulge in awesome tika ceremonies happening homestays, fly a paper kite, blast some crackers, and more during September to November season.

Sights of Spring Season in Nepal 

The second best season to visit in Nepal kicks off right after the end of cold winters the hilly and mountainous region experiences. While the sky may be clear during this season offering spectacular trekking experiences for the hard-line trekkers but early May month can bring along fog blocking the view.

The trekking trails are awesome during these mesmerizing days - hiking trails in the hills are full of raspberries and blue barberries edible for consumption. The Jamacho or Shivapuri hiking trail in Kathmandu is a sight to behold during these months all because of ripened berries. The trekking trails like Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Everest Base Camp trek, Tamang heritage trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek, and countless other off beaten trek are filled with white and red Rhododendrons.

Tilicho, Gokyo Ri, Gosainkunda, Rara, and other pristine lakes are in a phase of calms and offer magnanimous views during this period Festival of holy adds actual colors and celebrations for the traveler of this season.

Visiting Nepal in Winter Season

The national parks and sanctuaries below the rolling hills of middle or hilly Nepal are best visited most seasons but it’s an awesome spectacle during the winter season. Chitwan and Bardiya National park make up as the places to visit in Nepal in February and two other colder months – December and January. It is also a perfect period to enjoy mountain biking in Kathmandu, sunrise at Nagarkot, walkaround for sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, or Pokhara. A hiking trip for a bonfire along the hiking trails of Champadevi, Chitlang, Pilot Baba Ashram, and more; present some possibilities on your winter trip in Nepal. Apart from enjoying beautiful sights of birds, faunas, tigers, deers, water buffalos rhinos, and more in the forest belts of Nepal – one can Visit the awesome touristic village of Bandipur. Enjoy some warmth from the community bonfire happening on the Shivaratri festival celebrated across the country.

Enjoying The Rain Showers of Nepal

The monsoon rain showers of Nepal are not the best time to travel in Nepal – in most regions and many avoid it. The downside to making your travel trip to the monsoon season in Nepal is pretty long. Expect to come across muddy pathways, snowfalls in the mountains canceled flights, a landslide caused road blockages and more. However, these are only the part of the story and there are several other places away from the clouds high up in the foothills of the Nepali mountains. The Mountain’s shadows bless Nepal with pockets of rain shadow zones; offering places to travel in Western Nepal. The dry Himalayan desert of Mustang offers fabulous Upper Mustang Trek for exploration.

Similarly, visitors can take the off-beat treks like the Nar Phu Valley trek or popular ones like Manang Tilicho trek are open for travel. The travelers can also make the Tsum Valley trek and Upper Dolpo Trek or simply indulge in the rice plantation festival of Asar 15 in June to August season in Nepal.



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