20 Best Places to Hangout in Kathmandu

20 Best Places to Hangout in Kathmandu

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Nestled in the lowlands and high hill stations of the valley are top 20 places to hangout in Kathmandu. The places which get special mention on the list are amazing spots locals and travellers use to chill or kill their time. The people may have different aims of travelling to these places but basking the sun or enjoying an evening here can be a worthwhile experience. Hanging out and around in the places mentioned on the list may seem like an odd thing to do but it is a perfect opportunity to rest the tired muscles, souls and calm down adrenaline.


1. Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square


The epitome of human marvels - the palace, open spaces, woodwork and pagodas which lay inside Hanuman DhokaDurbar Square make it a top place to visit in Nepal. Tourists travelling enjoy the museum, food, temples and man-made spectacles of the durbar square. The tourists can also mingle along with the locals to enjoy some hot cup of beverage at Mama’s Tea House. Bask some sun alongside the steps of gigantic temples or sit on the cute little stools made of recycled materials at any tea shop. The large open spaces here present a perfect opportunity to spend some time in peace as it’s a no vehicle zone throughout the day.


2. Boudhanath Stupa


The only sounds emanating from Boudhanath are the holy Buddhist hymns, spinning mani wheels and fluttering pigeon wings. Ranking top on the list of Holy Buddhist sites, it attracts Buddhist visitors from every corner of the tiny nation and around the whole globe. The magnificent golden hues reflecting off from striking white organic paint add a glamour like none-other to the place. The amazing spectacle, numerous eateries, and the quaint environment have made it one of the highly visited peaceful places in Kathmandu. Find some peace for yourself in the Kathmandu’s beloved hangout destination of Boudhanath,


3. Garden of dreams


The mesmerising Garden of Dreams situated right beside NarayanHiti Palace is a six-season garden of the former Rana Royals. Restored to its former glory in with the help of the Austrian government in 7 year-long revival project, it has become the hangout place loved by everyone. It is crowned one of the top romantic places in Kathmandu because of the number of people flocking here for a date. However, the urns, verandas, corridors, birdhouses, fishes, squirrels and wonderful garden invite group of family and friends. Enjoy your time with the squirrels or feast in the garden restaurant at this awesome hangout spot.


4. Single Tree Hill


On the way to Kathmandu Valley’s important Temple, Ichangu Narayan lays the temple of Aakash Devi (Sky Goddess) temple. A generation of people climbed the steep hills for religious purposes. However, it serves an additional purpose today. The steps leading to the temple here have now become a great hangout place in Kathmandu. The single lonely tree on the very top of the hill has renamed it to a single tree hill establishing it as a popular place among young people. Despite the several names, it is perfect for viewing the skyline of Kathmandu while lazing off in the sun.


5. Pashupatinath


The holy Hindu pilgrimage site of Pashupatinath has earned the title of a world heritage site because of countless amenities. However, the hills of Mrigasthali have become a popular hangout location in Kathmandu for a different reason. People take the benches here to understand life and feel the fragility of human life. The cremation happening on the opposite bank has helped understand thousands of people who visit its banks. People paying last respects to their and bellowing in pain can help soothe the soul and understand the deeper meaning of life. Equally spectacular is the evening aarti (light worship) performed to pay homage to the river Bagmati.


6. Kopan Monastery


Kopan Monastery is amongst the best locations to hangout in Kathmandu. Famous as a place of tranquillity, peace, and liberation, the walls of Kopan Monastery have long lured visitors from its humble beginnings from the 1960s to today. The place invites visitors for learning meditation to casual daily visits. The locals and a large number of travelling visitors come to the hilltop monastery to pay homage to grand Buddhas and beautiful stupas. Equally, spectacular is the view of Kathmandu’s urban city visible from the verandas and rooftop here. Make sure not to visit the monastery from November 11 to December 20, as it remains closed for visitors.


7. Fulhari Monastery


Fulbari Gumba is another tranquil Buddhist location open to visitors wishing to spend a peaceful time along the hill. Located en route to Sundarijal waterfalls 6 kilometres from Boudhanath temple is Fulhari monastery. Popular for its flabbergasting main building and colourful garden, it is the top peaceful place in Kathmandu far from hustle and bustle of the city life. The cherry blossom of the winter here is the perfect time to visit for a picturesque sight. The bright red-hued leaves, pink aura radiating from the flowers, and rolling green hills on the back are the primary reason for it becoming a famous hangout place.


8. Kirtipur


Kirtipur is an old Newari town close to Kathmandu and sits 6 kilometres south-west from the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square. The quaint streets of the hillside town of Kirtipur is a classic Newari town free of the pollution and noise of urban settlements typical in other places of the valley. Magnificent Uma Maheswor Temple, Grand Chilancho Stupa and marvellous BaghVairab Temple are locations young people have often looked upon as wonderful hangout places in Kathmandu. Further, the famous eateries like NewaLahana, Sasa, and Chaitya dishing out delectable Newari cuisines make for a great place to chat and enjoy some local cuisine.


9. Taudha


A Few kilometres downhill from the quaint town of Kirtipur lay an amazing natural lake of Taudha. Believed to be the home of the Nagas and the Naga king Karkotaka, it has been a religious and travel destination for locals of Kathmandu Valley from time immemorial. The lake ranks as a top place to visit in Nepal due to its pristine beauty and calm environment. The single tree standing right in the middle of the lake adds glamour to the beauty of the lake called home by 14 species of birds and a variety of fishes. People often hangout here to catch a glimpse of migratory birds that take refuge here in winter.


10. Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park


Whoopee Land and Amusement and Water Park is a fun hangout destination in Kathmandu. It is a perfect destination for friends and family looking for a great location to hangout for a day. The life-sized dinosaur statues, thrilling water rides and over 20 different games make it an awesome place to enjoy a great time. The Shrek, Avatar, Jurassic Park Dinos and Marvel Superheroes make for a perfect display picture on social media. It also serves as a location for people wishing to enjoy a swim while enjoying the natural scenery. Whoopee Land sits right between the motorway from Kirtipur to Taudha.


11. Siddha Pokhari


Probably one of the top romantic places in Kathmandu, Siddha Pokhari has long been a premier destination for lovers and finding couples on the pond side ridge is normal. However, it is a location often visited by a group of friends and family. The large courtyard style pond with entrances on all four directions, it is an epitome of Newari construction skills. The glimmering rays of the sun allows for a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun. The peaceful pond also allows for contemplating life while feeding the various kinds of fishes living in the pond.


12. Bhaktapur Durbar Square


The courtyards, nooks, and corners of the ancient city of Bhaktapur radiate a classic aura like none-other. Probably the best among the three Durbar squares in Kathmandu Valley, it attracts thousands of domestic and international travellers every day to its alleys. Locals from Bhaktapur and the valley often come here to hangout, roam, enjoy the delicacy and watch life unfold here. Enjoy some kulfi (local ice cream bar) from the KulfiSansar, get awesome Bara from AamakoPasal, and feast on some local delicacies at any small food restaurant at this popular hangout location in Kathmandu.


13. Kathmandu Fun Valley


On the northern outskirts of Kathmandu Valley in Palanse, Bhaktapur is Kathmandu Fun Valley. A premier water park loved by all of the residents of Valley, it is a popular hangout location for children, family and friends. The giant hillside water rides, big waves, amazing games and awesome food are the highlight of the grand Kathmandu Fun Valley water park. Swim to your heart’s content with friends and family or get some tan lines while your pals dip themselves in and out of the water. Further, the captivating lush greenery at the current water park makes it a fun hangout destination in Kathmandu.


14. Patan Durbar Square


The Patan Durbar Square or Lalitpur Durbar Square Ranks as a top World Heritage Site because of the marvellous Newari arts standing tall inside its expanse. Despite being the smallest of the three durbar squares, the density of heritage and fine arts make it a beautiful location to hangout. It ranks high on the top 20 places to hangout in Kathmandu, all thanks to flavourful sweet tea, tastiest Bara from Honcha Restaurant and a great opportunity for lazing off. You can choose to laze off inside the durbar squares garden or sit beside locals on large pedestals of the temples here.


15. Pimbahal Pond


Pimbahal pond is a strikingly beautiful pond right in the middle of the classic settlement. The opportunity for enjoying sun rays, chatting with friends on the Falcha (wooden resting place), boating in the pond, and watching beautiful geese go about their day make Pimbahal best location to hangout in Kathmandu. The Pimbahal Pond or Pimbahalpuku located 4 minutes south from Patan Durbar Square is also famous for tasty popular local chips. People come here to enjoy the famous chips in a quiet peaceful environment unavailable elsewhere in Kathmandu. Escape in the beauty of peace only present in the courtyards of this famous pond.


16. Central Zoo


Central Zoo is another top hangout destination in Kathmandu which lies close to the Lalitpur Durbar Square. Spread in an expanse of 6 hectares - it is a perfect place for families with children, groups of friends and couples to hang out. The zoo houses over 942 types of mammals, birds, fish along with 127 types of reptiles for viewing purposes. Apart, from sights of animals and wild creatures, the fun amusement rides, and boating in a big lake provide a great hangout experience for people going in for a hangout session.


17. National Botanical Gardens


National Botanical Gardens situated a 45 minutes’ drive north from the Patan Durbar Square is a popular hangout location in Kathmandu. A beautiful sanctuary of local vegetation, it got set up for tourism and research related to plants. It’s a perfect hangout place for people of all ages as the open spaces, splendid greenhouses, wonderful flowering plants, ornamental gardens, bright coloured roses, fragrant orchids, and ponds here make up a sight worthy of travel. Further, the crystalline flowing rivers and sightings of wild parrots make it a great destination to immerse in nature.


18. Kathmandu Fun Park


Who says theme parks are only meant for kids? No one. The Kathmandu Fun Park located in Pradarshani Marg, 30-minute walk from is another top hangout destination for people of all ages. Parents can enjoy a bonding time with children and a group of friends can entertain themselves in daredevil rides of this place. The Kathmandu fun park has a game for people of all ages – paintball yard, futsal court, Ferris wheel, car ride, train ride and countless other amenities exist inside its courtyard. The Columbus and Ferris wheel are the most enjoyable ride in the park.


19. Swayambhunath


The holy Buddhist site of Swayambhunath and its steep stone ladders serve a range of purposes to the locals of Kathmandu. A flock of people make their way here for a morning walk and others climb it up for religious purposes. However, the majority of people visiting it during the day are here to find peace, enjoy the view, take awesome pictures and spend a relaxing time. The street vendors selling fresh food, sights of monkeys and bird’s eye gaze of Kathmandu’s skyline make it a great hangout destination and top place to visit in Nepal.


20. Thamel


The last on top 20 places to hangout in Kathmandu lies Thamel. The Thamel is a touristic hub of narrow alleys with all kinds of amenities and entertainment opportunities. It hosts a countless number of restaurants to hang around and stuff your stomach. The happening bars, pubs and discos are another group of spots to hangout for an amazing fun time. Those wishing to relax and relish the softer side of Thamel can hangout in the spa, massage centres, and therapy locations for refreshing hang out sessions. It is also home to souvenirs, gifts, mountain gears, clothes and countless shops that you can shop around.


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