Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Kathmandu

Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Kathmandu

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Home of heritage cities of Kathmandu valley is famous for Durbar Square, Newari cuisine, Culture but it is also home to thetop 10 clubs in Kathmandu. The scenes of the mountain, sights of Durbar square and other vistas fade away in the night yet they bring forth gifts of the night. The party mood, groovy heads, shiny lights, burning dance floor, free-spirited party animals and more are the gifts of Kathmandu’s night scene. Jump into action to flaunt your dazzling moves at any one of these hip and happening nightlife joints on the list for some great added adventures.

1. Déjà vu

Sitting up close with the Royal palace of former Kingsof Nepal is Club Déjà vu. Likes of international Disc Jockeys and top Bollywood celebrity performances has bestowed it with the honour of top dance floors in South Asia. Sip some fine drinks with a seatin the VIP section or garner some attention from the crowd of one of the two level dance floors. Enjoy your time while hitting the floors of one of best nightclubs in Kathmandu’s Durbar Marg.

2. Purple Haze Rock Bar

Climb up the two-level stairs at Thamel’s quaint looking building to enjoy some great rock music buzzing out of the speakers at Purple Haze. Those seeking some great flavourful bite while enjoying some great band music must visit this place. Kathmandu’s night scene is no stranger to heavy guitar pinches and banging heads but no place can outmatch the stage, sound system, hospitality and grooving crowd of the Purple Haze Rock Bar.

3. Lord of Drinks L.O.D

Nightlife in Kathmandu is not complete without a trip to L.O.D club that’s in the buzz. The grand size floor of the club sits perfectly with the Lord in its name. It is one of the largest clubs in Kathmandu with an awesome environment, DJ tracks and finest drinks in town. Apart from an amazing dance floor and numerous facilities lays a chance to groove to international artists that visit for performance on its awesome stage. Hitchhike your way to the gates of LOD at BhagwatiSthan Thamel for a great time.

4. Moksh

The quiet streets of Jhamiskhel buzz with life and call upon the night creatures in Kathmandu. The soothing jazz number running rounds at Moksh’s live music stage is a must for a laid back night owl. Enjoy a fine dine meal with a bonfire table or grab a drink at the bar; Moksh has everything to brighten up your night adventure. The nightlife of Kathmandu Valley doesn’t get any smoother than the jazz and whiskey up at offer here.

5. Ibyza

Narsingh Chowk in Thamel is home to Ibyza of its own. The Ibyza at Thamel may not have seashore or yachts but the party never stops at this club. Ibyza ranks as one of the best nightclubs in Kathmandu – all thanks to wonderful DJ numbers, high rise top floor to enjoy some booze and awesome small yet cozy setting.

6. Karma Bar and Lounge

Fly your way on the elevator to 7th floor at World Trade Center in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu for a time of your life. The thumping bass and soul-soothing music at Karma will entertain the night animal in you. The Bollywood themed Wednesdays, ladies night, salsa extravaganza, live music and more happen every week at this club. Feast some gourmet delicacy or throw some moves at the floor to enjoy a great session of nightlife in Kathmandu.

7. Prive Nepal

Far away from the tourist town of Thamel and the high urban street of Durbar Marga lays Prive Nepal. Glow in the dark menu, largest dance floor in whole Nepal, spinning stage, grand deck and countless other attractions make it one of the best nightclubs of Nepal. Exquisite food, numbers from top national and international artists performing on the deck are regular events at this happening nightclub.

8. Reggae Bar

The Chaksibari Street in Thamel hosts a top floor dance club cum live music place called Reggae Bar. Famous among young crowd and western travellers alike, it hosts great live performances along with short but sweet DJ session to groove with the music. Grab some chilled beer and enjoy people dishing out their moves or bang along with the lively crowd of this small place, it has got it all. It’s the perfect place to get your first kick of the amazing nightlife of Kathmandu.

9. Club Fahrenheit

Ninth on the list of best nightclubs in Kathmandu sits Club Fahrenheit. Feel the temperature take the roof as you groove along with the finest DJs on the deck here. The fine music here is complemented by awesome A la carte menu of food and drinks that hold power to revitalise the dancers for another round of dance session. The medium-sized dance floor and DJ overlooking from the top add an amazing element of magic to the place.

10. OMG Club

Take your clubbing game to next level on your visit to the last place on this list of top 10 clubs in Kathmandu. OMG club in Thamel is another must-visit party destination of Nepal. The club is host to amazing mixes that can make the shy amateur take the floor. Break free on the dance floor or enjoy people showing off their A-game with a sip of extravagant cocktail by the bar.


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