9 Most Beautiful Villages in Nepal

9 Most Beautiful Villages in Nepal

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The captivating and amazingly different vibe, inner peace and countless other joys are treasures of beautiful villages in Nepal. A breathe of fresh air off from hectic modern life and a well-deserved vacation, awaits you in these beautiful remote villages with little to no influence of the modern life style. The backdrop of amazing vistas and hospitable locals offering you glimpse in their ways makes the trip to these places, an obligatory trip once in your life. Enjoy exciting new flavor of freshly picked organic farm food while soaking in the best views of planet only in Nepal’s stunning villages.

1. Balthali

An amazing backdrop of the lush rolling green wild vegetation up close to the terraced rice farms are start of the greater picture. Ice-bound in the traditional lifestyle, the farming community and village of Balthali celebrates their old practices with much joy. Enjoy the views of golden trees of ripe oranges kissed by the morning sun in villages here. Walk past traditional wood suspension bridges to soaks views of the mountains or enjoy an evening of bonfire with locals.

2. Helambu Village

The home of the Hyolmos - a hilly village on ridge, Helambu has long been the ode to traditional Buddhist lifestyle and refreshing greenery. The not so famous village of Nepal, Helambu offers a ride through serenity and nature unlike any other place close to capital. The breathtaking Sundarijal waterfall, curved road laced with rhododendron and ridges midway offering vistas of mountains. The breathtaking view of Jugal from homes of people preserving their religion is key take away of the village.

3. Chepang Village Trek

If travelling to a settlement high in the mountains or remote places feels way to mainstream then Chepang Village trek is totally the trip for you. The trek takes you past hills, forests and waterfalls to settlements of Chepangs. The Chepang are nomadic tribe who live off the land inside the forest. The hunter gatherer community of Chepangs live in makeshift home and live completely off from the forest like caveman. Visit the Chepangs and explore their traditional lifestyle.

4. Sirubari Village

Sirubari Village trek is an experience unlike any other in Nepal, it is an authentic village experience with a glimpse to purely traditional way of life. The Gurung community of Sirubari operate a homestay right in the hills of Annapurna shadows. Get spectacle insight into traditional life style of the Gurungs while enjoying late evening Dohori session. Feast on an awesome organic Gurung cuisine under the gaze of mighty Annapurna Range.

5. Chomrong Village

The beauty of Chomorong can only be experienced in person and mere words here can fail to outline the true beauty of the place. Despite ranking high amongst beautiful villages in Nepal, the place has long been famous as an acclimatization destination on Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The hill side village offers an awesome apple pie and sun kissed view of the Macchapuchre and Annapurna Mountain ranges.

6. Tolka Village

The Tolka village sitting peacefully on an altitude is another gem on the ABC Trekking Route. The village is popular across domestic and international trekker for the break it offers before venturing back into urban city of Pokhara. The village is perfect place to laze off from a long trip of trekking through the Annapurna Circuit. The hospitable locals, gazing yaks in the pasture and awesome bonfire are possibilities, you don’t want to miss in this beautiful village.

7. Kagbeni

The gateway to the ancient kingdom of Lomanthang, Kagbeni Village right in the middle of the Upper and Lower Mustang has long fascinated the travelers who make its dominion. The hanging traditional wooden suspension bridges, gargling Kali Gandaki River and magnificent natural scenarios have all been helm of the spectacular village. Equally amazing in this famous village in Nepal, is the great arid landscape on the horizon right beside a bustling town square and ancient Tibetan monasteries.

8. Namche Bazaar

The Sherpa capital of the world Namche Bazaar has long been famous with people of Nepal and the international community. The final frontier to summiting the Everest, Bazaar was traditionally an outpost for Nepali traders that traded with Tibet for centuries and it still is the shopping hub for near buy villages. The home of the Sherpas is the must visit place for gazing the Everest or an perfect joint for acclimatizing for trekking to the Everest Base Camp or even climbing the Everest.

9. Ghale Gaun

The last on current beautiful villages in Nepal list is the Ghale Gaun Village. The village has long been loved by trekkers from every corner of the globe for offering true village stay experience alongside the serene natural backdrop like none other. Enjoy the spectacular view, awesome traditional home stay, spectacular mountain sights, village welcome session by woman groups, and evening chats at the local gathering joints in Ghale Gaun homestay tour. 


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