Beautiful Cities to Visit in Nepal | Top 5 Cities

Beautiful Cities to Visit in Nepal | Top 5 Cities

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 A nation popular for its gifted natural expanse, the panoramas of snow-capped mountains have long shadowed the beautiful cities to visit in Nepal. Rich with history, culture, and poles apart lifestyle from the rest of the world; a fascinating mix of Tibetan and Indian influence makes cities here a hidden gem. Whether you end up getting pushed around mercilessly in the urban concrete bazaar or lose traditional alleys, you’ll come to fall in love with everything here. Visual marvels, pubs, street foods, five stars, homestays, old heritages, city side ponds, and more – the cities here each carry their own stories.


The ancient Kathmandu and its beauty have long enthralled visitors ranging from ancient Christian missionary of Italy who lived here in the seventeenth century to countless travelers of the modern age. Hidden in Kathmandu, one of the best city of Nepal are countless traditional mud houses ornate with the finest woodwork amongst tall modern concrete structures. Stand in awe of the embellished stoned paved Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square featuring marvelous pagodas, European architecture, and exquisite Newari woodworks, and captivating stone architecture. Walk past several other UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Pashupatinath, Swayambhu, and Boudhanath temple periphery exhibiting marvelous radiance. See life bloom either century-old Asan Bazaar or touristic Thamel.


The hills of Kathmandu Valley were locked in the rivalry of three brotherly nations of ancient Lalitpur or Yala, Kathmandu or Yen, and lastly the wonderful Bhaktapur or Khwopa. It is a must-visit ancient city of Nepal with much of its historical excellence standing tall despite facing several adversities since its inception. The magnificence radiates along the stone and brick paved alleyways of Bhaktapur that houses excellently preserved resting falcons (called patis in Nepali), awesome historical durbars, and traditional houses with little to no modern finishing. The towering three to five-storeyed Pagados, sunbathing mud pottery, exquisitely monumental temples, and artistry lace the Durbar, Pottery, Dattatreya, and pottery square.


Housing the smallest of the three of Royal Newar Durbar Squares, the city of art Lalitpur stands tall with its numerous Hindu and Buddhist Heritages. The royal bathing hiti: inside then palace and now a museum, Tusa hiti inside Sundari chukka (chowk) is a marvel of water spout art unavailable anywhere on the planet. Finely decorated metal works in form of idols are present in most temples of this beautiful city in Nepal. The exquisite stone and terracotta works of the Krishna Mandir and Mahabaudhha temple exhibit the finest artisan work alongside the intelligence of people. The excellence of the metal craftsmanship comes to life in Golden Temple and Bishowkarma Temple close to the Durbar square. Equally exquisite are the local restaurants like Honacha, and Bhauju ko Bhatti which offer excellent Newari feasts.


Dharan is a top-ranking destination on the list of beautiful cities to visit in Nepal. Known for its savvy love of fashion and modern values, the city was a religious hub cum Newar trading outpost set after a treaty between then Kirati kingdom and the Newar Kingdom. The ancient outpost grew into a magnificent modern city thanks to hard-working locals that brought prosperity here. Dharan holds excellent campfire destinations, hillside viewpoints, restaurants, waterfalls, and a British styled clock tower right in the center of the city. One can spend some quality time sipping a chilled glass of beer with fine barbeques of local pork inside the restaurants in Bagarkot, a riverbank town. Choose to explore your religious side with a trip to temples like Buddhasubba, Baba Pindeshwor, Panchakanya, and Dantakali. The foothill town of Dharan offers excellent hill stations like Vijayapur and Bhedetar along with Namaste Waterfalls. The treehouse restaurants built along the rolling green hills is a location to be for connoisseurs of nature in the sub-urban city of Dharan.


One amongst the best city of Nepal, Pokhara’s a place blessed by nature. The congregation of natural spectacle available at the hillside expanse is a pleasing and one of a kind travel experience that one ought not to miss on their tour in Nepal. Awesome lakes like Begnas, Rara, and Rupa offering a serene place to enjoy the view of fading sun – right with a backdrop of green hills or mountains. Amazing views of the Annapurna and its ranges from your hotel window in the morning. Apart from these natural spectacles of the light, Pokhara is home to numerous dark limestone caves offering a thrilling time in nature. The thrill never stops in Pokhara and travelers can enjoy the countless amount of adventure sports. You can choose to nosedive on a Bungee, paragliding in pokhara Zipline through hills, fly along with birds on a paraglide, and feel the winds on a lightweight aircraft - in one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Nepal.


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